Spartanburg Methodist College is led by a Board of Trustees comprised of 24 members, with five clergy members and 19 laity. Terms are staggered on a three-year basis.

Current Board of Trustees members are:

  • Dr. Phinnize Fisher,  Chair
  • Mr. James Fletcher Thompson, Vice Chair
  • Mr. Ray Lattimore, Recording Secretary
  • Mrs. Carol Burdette
  • Mr. Darrell Campbell
  • Mrs. Phyllis DeLapp
  • Dr. Charlotte Ellis
  • Mr. John Gramling
  • Mrs. Marianna Habisreutinger
  • Mr. Steven Hahn
  • Mr. Mark Hammond
  • The Reverend Larry Hays
  • Mr. Pat Henry
  • The Reverend Mitch Houston
  • Dr. Frank Lee
  • The Reverend Will Malambri
  • Mrs. Kathleen C. McKinney
  • The Reverend Evelyn Middleton
  • Mr. John Moore
  • Mr. Bill Painter
  • Mrs. Liz Patterson
  • Mr. John Ramsey
  • Mrs. Patsy Simmons
  • Mr. Guy Spriggs
  • The Reverend Mary V. Teasley
  • Ms. Laura Morales, Student Advisory Trustee

Spartanburg Methodist College Financial Statements

As of and for the Years Ended June 30, 2014 and 2013

And Report of Independent Auditor