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SMC announces Student Government Association Officers for 2013-2014

The Spartanburg Methodist College Student Government Association guarantees student representation within the college community. The SGA is open to all students and includes representatives from the residential and commuting populations. Members of SGA serve on college and faculty committees. The following students have been elected to serve as officers and members of SMC’s Student Government Association for the 2013-2014 Academic Year:

· Preston Morton – President, son of David and Phyllis Morton of Loris, SC, is a graduate of Loris High School;

· Amber Morgan – Vice President, daughter of Jeff and Carol Morgan of Aynor, SC, is a graduate of Aynor High School;

· Miranda Watkins – Secretary, daughter of Nancy and Steven Watkins of Liberty, SC, is a graduate of Liberty High School;

· Sago Thomas – Director of Public Relations, son of Rev. Paul and Jacqueline Thomas of Orangeburg, SC, is a graduate of Orangeburg Wilkinson High School;

· Cameron Thacker – Sophomore Resident Representative, son of Jerry and Cynthia Thacker of Campobello, SC, was privately educated via home schooling;

· Hannah Faires – Sophomore Resident Representative, daughter of Ned and Terri Faires · of Mauldin, SC, is a graduate of Mauldin High School;

· Samantha Reese -Sophomore Resident Representative, daughter of Wayne and Donna Reese of Lake City, SC, is a graduate of Lake City High School;

· Garrett Baquet – Freshman Resident Representative, son of Diana Baquet of Ware Shoals, SC, is a graduate of Ware Shoals High School;

· Adell Gordon – Freshman Resident Representative, son of Shirley and Enrique Gordon of Greenville, SC, is a graduate of Berea High School;

· Hannah Sliva – Freshman Resident Representative, daughter Jamie Sliva and Sean and Tia Cartee of Greer, SC, is a graduate of Riverside High School;

· Christina King – Freshman Resident Representative, daughter of David and Paula King, of Clover, SC, is a graduate of Clover High School;

· Justine Rhame – Freshman Commuter Representative, daughter of Sophia and Eric Rhame of Travelers Rest, SC, is a graduate of Blue Ridge High School; and

· Katie Huff – Freshman Commuter Representative, daughter of Melanie and David Conner of Lyman, SC, is a graduate of Blue Ridge High School.

Spartanburg Methodist College strives to offer a variety of opportunities for student participation and involvement in campus life and the college community. Students are encouraged to participate in clubs and campus organizations, like SGA, that offer opportunities for cultural, intellectual and social growth as well as promoting student involvement and leadership development outside the classroom setting.


SMC hosting Contradance on Saturday, October 19th

Spartanburg Methodist College will host a Contradance on Saturday, October 19th from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in the college’s “Old Gym.” From 7:30 to 8 there will be a lesson teaching basic steps for newcomers. Contradance is for anyone, seasoned pro or newbie just learning to walk to music, who loves to dance.

Contradancing is social interaction, meeting people of all ages from all walks of life, and making new friends, set to music. It  is not the same as country line dancing – you do not wear costumes or any particular style of clothes. Tennis shoes or comfortable soft-soled (non-scuffing) shoes to protect the dance floor are quite adequate.  Very little footwork is required; the most common type of movement is a smooth walking step.

An earnest attempt at a formal definition for contradancing would be, a caller (in our case, Tamara McGovern), usually working with a group of live musicians (in our case, Hey for Four, composed of Lucy Allen on guitar, Marshall Goers on banjo and mandolin, Pam Stroll on bass and fiddle, and Fred Stoll on fiddle), guides new and experienced dancers alike through each dance.

Our caller, Tamara McGovern, will teach each dance before it is actually done to the music. This gives everyone an idea of what to expect so the movements can be easily executed. A dancer and his or her partner dance a series of figures, or moves, with each other and with another couple for a short time. They then repeat the same figures with another couple, and so on.  Contradance is one of the few dance forms where by the end of the evening you are likely to have danced with everyone!

Contradance is Real People in Real Time with Real Music. It is Real Life. In other words, it is impossible to record the incredible synergy and spirit that occurs when you combine enthusiastic, connected, happy dancers, hot musicians and swell choreography. Ultimately, the only way to learn contradancing is to do it!

So make plans to come to Spartanburg Methodist on Saturday, October 19th  at 7:30 and experience contradancing for yourself.  Admission is $7 for ages 18+; $5 for ages 13-17; children under 12 with parental supervision are admitted for FREE, as are all SMC students, faculty and staff.  For more information, please contact Yvonne Harper, at, (864)587-4278 or 266-7409.

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SMC Psi Beta chapter elects 2013-2014 Leadership Team

The Spartanburg Methodist College chapter of Psi Beta, the National Honor Society in Psychology for community and junior colleges, has elected the following officers for the 2013-2014 academic year:

  • Stevonna Jeter – President, daughter of Steven and Elaine Jeter, of Spartanburg, SC is a graduate of Paul M. Dorman High School;
  • Tierra Izzard – Vice President, daughter of Lameka Izzard and the granddaughter of Alma and Hayward Izzard, all of Kershaw, SC, is a graduate of Andrew Jackson High School;
  • Kaitlyn Pless – Secretary, daughter of Angela York Kracht of Calhoun Falls, SC and Michael Lentine of Clarksville, TN, is a Valedictorian graduate of Calhoun Falls Charter School.

Psi Beta provides students with opportunities to acquire leadership skills, interact with faculty outside the classroom, learn more about the professional and educational choices available in psychology, meet outstanding professionals in psychology, participate in community service, meet peers with similar interests, and be involved with Psi Beta on the national level.

The SMC Psi Beta chapter, chartered on September 1, 1988, is under the direction of psychology professor Dr. Mary Jane Farmer, with assistance from Pete Aylor, psychology professor and Director of SMC’s Counseling Center, and college Counselor Sue Onken.  To date, there have been 376 SMC students who have achieved life-time membership to Psi Beta.

Membership to Psi Beta is by invitation only.  To be considered students must have at least 12 college credits, earn a B or higher in PSYC 101, maintain a 3.25 GPA and be of good moral character.   Spartanburg Methodist College, founded in 1911, is proud of its heritage of providing “the opportunity to be your best and the inspiration to do great things” and being a member of Psi Beta will give one that opportunity!

All for Liberty DVD Cover

“All for Liberty” film to be screened at SMC

The award-winning film, “All For Liberty,”  will be screened at SMC on Monday, September 30th in the Gibbs Auditorium at 7 p.m.

Described as “Far from being just for history buffs, this is a great film, period,” All For Liberty is the winner of nine international film festival awards, as well as two awards from the SC Sons of the American Revolution and First Prize in Media from The Lady Washington Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  The film also received the Dove Foundation Worldview Review’s “Family Approved Seal” for movie goers ages twelve plus.

Based on true events, All For Liberty provides viewers with realistic action of America’s hard-fought war for independence…and a reminder of how easy it is for freedom to be lost.   Praised internationally for its universal appeal, the beautifully-photographed, emotionally-moving feature film is a historically accurate tribute to an unknown hero of the American Revolution. Outstanding sound by Jeffrey Stern and music by Anthony DeRitis authentically captures battle scenes with perfection.

Set in South Carolina during the Revolutionary era, the film tells the story of Henry Felder, a Swiss immigrant who came as a mercenary Indian fighter. As time goes on, he settles in Orangeburg and gets involved with the patriot cause and becomes a leading producer of gunpowder for the patriots.

The film is an independent production of the Actors Theater of South Carolina based in Folly Beach, which is operated by Clarence Felder and his wife, Chris Weatherhead.  Felder, a descendant of the main character, plays “Henry” in the film, and Chris, an actress in her own right, plays Henry’s wife, “Catherine.” The cast is predominantly made of local actors based in South Carolina.

Make plans to experience All For Liberty for yourself on Monday, September 30th at 7 p.m. in the Gibbs Auditorium at Spartanburg Methodist College. The public is invited and admission is free of charge.  For more information, please contact Yvonne Harper, or 864-587-4278.

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Musician Gabriel Redding to headline SMC’s Founder’s Day

Each October, the SMC Student Government Association sponsors a Founder’s Day Program.  The program celebrates the vision, passion, and purpose of SMC’s founder, David English Camak, and those who have followed his lead over the years to continue to propel Spartanburg Methodist College as a driving force in higher education.

Typically a speaker is chosen from the college’s prestigious alumni.  However, this year the Student Government Association is taking a different route…they have selected Gabriel Redding as the 2013 Founder’s Day speaker.  A pioneer, in the simplest form, is an ordinary person who does extraordinary things.  This year’s speaker is just that.  He is a musician, community advocate, entertainer, athlete, world record holder, and most definitely a pioneer.

From June 7th to July 19th, 2013, Redding ran across America from Santa Monica, CA to St. Simons Island, GA in 42 days, breaking the world record for the fastest crossing of America on foot, and raising over $8,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association.  As a musician, Redding has opened for Boys Like Girls, Hinder, Lady Antebellum, Jason Aldean, Jason Mraz, Bo Bice, Joan Jett, Gin Blossoms, KC and the Sunshine Band, and has performed in the middle-east for the troops on a USO tour. He performs at colleges and military bases all over the US, coffee shops and movie theaters, and wherever else he finds to play.  From June 29th to August 10th, 2009, Redding bicycled across the continent, from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Seattle, Washington, totaling 43 days and 3204.3 miles to raise money and awareness for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Redding will discuss his record breaking run across America, what inspired him to take on this challenge and share his rich experiences interacting with Americans across the states. The Spartanburg Methodist College Student Government Association believes Gabriel Redding is a pioneer in many ways, and after the Founder’s Day event, he will be an honorary SMC Pioneer.

The Spartanburg Methodist College Student Government Association Founder’s Day program will take place on Monday, October 28th at 4 pm in the Mission Davis Chapel on the campus of SMC. The general public is welcomed to attend this uplifting program.  For more information, please contact Yvonne Harper,, 864-587-4278.