The SMC Public Information Office supports the college by promoting a healthy image for the college through marketing and communication initiatives, internal and external publications, and coordination with local, state and regional media.

Yvonne Harper serves as Director of Public Information. The Public Information offices are located in the Walker Building, on the second floor, in room 207, (864) 587-4278 or 266-7409.

Our services include:

  • Media and public relations
  • Graphic design & production
  • Web site content updates and development
  • Photography
  • Publications
  • Trademarking and Licensing of Logos
  • Digital signage
  • Social media

Media and Public Relations

The SMC Public Information Office develops and implements an advertising/marketing strategy that enhances and is consistent with the college brand, manages internal and external communications, provides public relations and marketing support to selected special events, promotes the college, its faculty, staff, and students through positive media relations, and serves as official spokesperson to the media.

Media Coverage

Media releases are submitted to appropriate local/regional/state/national media outlets to promote upcoming events, projects, achievements, programs, etc. All media releases are added to our news database for display on our website as well. Please contact Yvonne Harper, at at (864) 587-4278, or 266-7409 with information.


Please note that this office cannot guarantee that a story will be highlighted by local media on broadcast news or in the newspaper. This office sends media releases regularly to the media, and the media decide what, if anything, will be featured.

Review and Approval Process

To ensure a higher level of consistency and continuity in all branding, advertising, marketing, and promotional efforts, all external publications developed by individual departments and divisions must be approved by the Public Information Office for appropriate message, logo usage, and image quality.

This process for review and approval covers all campus publications and collateral materials, (i.e. newsletters, brochures, signage, merchandise, name tags, Web content, promotional items, printed materials, etc.). Refer to the SMC Brand Standards Guide for more information.

To have your publication reviewed, please send your request to Yvonne Harper. Please allow adequate time for your publication to be reviewed and edited, about 2-3 days, and also schedule time for any necessary edits and your printing.

The SMC Public Information Office provides editorial, design services and printer selection to the campus community to ensure a higher level of consistency and continuity in all branding, advertising, marketing, and promotional efforts.


Request a Publication

If you would like Pubic Information to create a publication for your department, which would include assistance with content, complete design/layout, and coordination with the printer, please contact Yvonne Harper, Public Information Director, Phone: (864) 587-4278,

Graphic Design

To ensure a higher level of consistency and continuity in all branding, advertising, marketing, and promotional efforts, the SMC Public Information office provides graphic design services to all campus departments and divisions.

Graphic design items include:

  • College logos
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Signage
  • Merchandise
  • Name tags
  • Promotional pieces

In addition to design, we will handle all aspects of production, sending all the necessary files to the printer, reviewing proofs, and ensuring the finished product is delivered on schedule.

To request graphic design services, please contact Yvonne Harper, Public Information Director, Phone: (864) 587-4278, Please be sure to request services for your project well in advance of the desired delivery date, as the design and printing can take several days to several weeks, depending on the project.


SMC Website Update Policy

Please send all updates to If you have any other question, please contact Yvonne Harper, Public Information Director, at (864) 587-4278 or 266-7409

The webmaster will only accept content for the website that is in digital format. The following list consist of all acceptable formats:

All Microsoft Office Documents

  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • Bitmap
  • Photo Shop
  • PDF
  • Text

Webmaster will not edit, revise, or create new content. All content should have been proofed before submitting.

Please note: Dropdown menus will not change – but we can adjust sidebar menus. Sliders for the home page must meet certain requirements, i.e. resolution, design, size, etc.

  • Updates that consists of 3-5 pages will be posted within 3 business days.
  • Those who provide content that is more than 5 pages will be contacted when update is complete.
  • Updates that only include fixing errors such as grammatical or spelling will be done with 1-2 business days.
  • Time sensitive material must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the date of the material.