‘A New Cold War Rises’ Lecture Presented at SMC

SMC Professor: Russia-Ukraine Leading to New Cold War

The Cold War ended in 1991 with the fall of the Soviet Union, but Spartanburg Methodist College History Professor Dr. Cole Cheek argues that the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, along with continually rising tensions between the U.S. and Russia, is promoting the rise of a new cold war impacting the entire globe.

In a recent presentation on SMC’s campus, Dr. Cheek discussed the conflict and why he sees a new cold war rising. As nations take sides, political actions from world powers dramatically impact economies, supply chains, and diplomatic relations. And it’s impacting American lives directly, he said.

“Everything happening overseas is directly relevant to economic stability, political stability, and national security,” Dr. Cheek said. “So, it does affect every single American.”

During the cold war following World War II, the East and West fought smaller wars, such as Korea and Vietnam, to protect their ideologies. Fighting these “minor” wars prevented the superpowers from entering a war with one another. Dr. Cheek sees the war in Ukraine as similar to previous conflicts, again indirectly pitting the east against the west and, subsequently, the U.S. against Russia.

“The worry is at what point does a country like Russia or the United States pass a line to erupt into another world war,” he said of the conflict and any potential escalation.

Dr. Cheek provided a historical view of the Cold War and how he sees signs from that era taking shape today. He also discussed the current conflict, the goals Russia may have now and beyond Ukraine, and the continued impact we could see here in the U.S.

To see Dr. Cheek’s full presentation, click here.

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