Bridge Programs

Bridge Programs


The College of Charleston Collaboration with Spartanburg Methodist College is a new program designed to provide a more seamless transfer from SMC to the College of Charleston. Participating students complete two semesters (minimum 31 transferable hours) at SMC and then transfer to the College of Charleston, providing minimum GPA requirements are met. This program is open to SMC freshmen applicants who:

  • would like to transfer after completing fall and spring semesters at SMC (minimum 31 transferable hours) and
  • receive an invitation to participate in the program from the College of Charleston

Why would a student want to participate?

Participating students have an on campus advisor while at SMC, and they receive one-on-one advising from an admissions officer from the College of Charleston. They are also given priority admission to the College of Charleston as a sophomore as long as they meet minimum GPA requirements. Students pay tuition and fees for full-time enrollment to SMC. Students interested in receiving financial aid should contact SMC's Office of Financial Aid As an added incentive, SMC offers a 3.0 GPA Scholarship. SC residents who graduate from high school with a 3.0 GPA on the SC Uniform Grading Scale will receive enough financial aid to meet the cost of tuition at SMC. This full tuition financial aid package combines federal and state grants (including the SC LIFE Scholarship and the SC Tuition Grant) and SMC grants / scholarships to cover the cost of SMC's annual tuition without any loans. To be considered for this opportunity, you must complete the FAFSA by June 30th.

Are you sure credits from SMC will transfer?

Yes! One of the greatest benefits from participation in this collaboration is advanced advising to make certain your credits will transfer to the College of Charleston. Check the link below for more information about transfer credits.

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