Online Bachelor’s Degree at SMC

Online Bachelor’s Degree at SMC

Get a Four-Year Degree without Leaving SMC!

At SMC, we believe the first two years of college are the most important. By taking classes in a variety of subject areas, you’ll broaden your knowledge, learn to think critically and become a more informed and engaged citizen.

When you’re ready to complete your major (typically in the final two years of college), you may discover, like some of our students do, that you’d prefer to finish your bachelor’s degree online.

There are many benefits to finishing your degree online, including:

– Significantly lower tuition costs than an on-campus degree.
– The ability to set your own class hours.
– The flexibility to work part- or full-time to earn money to pay for college.
– Staying in the Upstate area while completing a degree not offered by area colleges.


Degree Type:

Any degree you choose via an accredited online degree program. We can help you find and apply to a degree program that meets your needs.

How It Works:

Complete SMC freshman and sophomore years to discover your major. Apply to an online program in that major and finish your coursework while continuing to live at SMC.


Receive a bachelor’s degree at huge cost savings and enjoy a flexible schedule that will allow you work while you live at SMC and receive all campus programs and support services throughout degree completion. This room and board package will be priced to be less expensive than living on your own off campus. You’ll also have the support of other students completing similar online degrees.

How To Apply: 

Your SMC faculty adviser will assist you in finding and applying to an online program that meets your needs while you continue to live on campus.