Online Health Care Bachelor’s Degree

Online Health Care Bachelor’s Degree

A solid heath care foundation via MUSC

Through a partnership with the Medial University of South Carolina, SMC students are eligible to complete a bachelor’s degree in Health Care Studies (online) that will prepare them to enter a variety of health care-related fields.

SMC students have the opportunity to remain on campus while completing their online degree via MUSC. This means you can save money by completing your degree online while remaining in a college setting. It’s the best of both worlds.

Quick Facts About MUSC’s Online Degree:

Degree Type:

Bachelor’s Degree via the Medical University of South Carolina

Majors/Areas of Focus:

Healthcare Studies.
NOTE: This degree provides a solid foundation for SMC/MUSC graduates to apply to MUSC health professions programs in Physician Assistant Studies, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Cardiovascular Perfusion, or Health Administration.

How It Works:

Complete SMC freshman & sophomore years to earn an Associate degree + two years online degree completion via the MUSC College of Health Professions with an on-campus session in Charleston, SC once a semester. Continue to live on SMC’s campus while completing your four-year degree.


Receive MUSC degree at huge cost savings and enjoy a flexible schedule that will allow you to work while you live at SMC and receive all campus programs and support services throughout degree completion.

How To Apply: 

Your SMC faculty adviser will assist you in applying to this program as you near completion of your SMC associate degree.