The Pioneer Entrepreneurship Club

The Pioneer Entrepreneurship Club

The Pioneer Entrepreneurship Club presents SMC Launchpad

7AM in the Ballard Center (all aspiring entrepreneurs are welcome). There will be professor-led seminars covering creativity, developing an idea into a business, the first 100 days of a business, managing a new business, etc. In the fall, I am focusing on skill building. In the spring, my goal is to launch student led businesses.

2017-2018 Programming Calendar

Fall Semester 2017

SMC Learn and Build seminar series with Professor Jonathan Keisler, PhD

Ballard Center, Wednesdays at 7AM


9/6/17             Session 1         Introduction to Entrepreneurship

9/13/17           Session 2         Creativity in Entrepreneurship

9/20/17           Session 3         New Venture Creation

9/27/17           Session 4         Business Concept Feasibility I

10/4/17           Session 5         Business Concept Feasibility II

10/11/17         Session 6         Entrepreneurial Finance and Marketing

10/18/17         Session 7         Developing a Business Plan I

10/25/17         Session 8         Developing a Business Plan II

11/1/17           Session 9         The First 100 days of Your Business I

11/8/17           Session 10       The First 100 days of Your Business II

11/15/17         Session 11       The First 100 days of Your Business III

11/22/17         Session 12       Fall Pitch Breakfast

Spring Semester 2018

SMC Incubate seminar series

Ballard Center, Wednesdays at 7AM


1/24/17           Coaching Session 1                 Launchpad 101

1/31/17           Coaching Session 2                 Strategy and Implementation

2/7/17             Coaching Session 3                 New Venture “checkup”

2/14/17           Coaching Session 4                 Growing the Venture Effectively

2/21/17           Coaching Session 5                 New Venture “checkup”


3/5/17 to 3/9/17                     Spring Business trip to Charleston, SC


3/14/17           Coaching Session 6                 Preparing Your Pitch

3/21/17           Coaching Session 7                 New Venture “checkup”

3/28/17           Coaching Session 8                 Pitch Practice

4/11/17           Coaching Session 9                 Pitch Practice

4/18/17           Coaching Session 10               Spring Pitch Breakfast