Summer Music Camp

Summer Music Camp

Spartanburg Methodist College Music Department

“Kicking Notes and Taking Names!” A Theory and Theory Skills Academy

Learn Music Theory – Note Names, Scales (Major, Minor, Modes), Keys, Chords,Progressions, Solfege, Rhythms, Part-Writing, Instrumental Transpositions, and Composition.

Sharpen Your Theory Skills with sight singing scales, melodies, rhythms, listening discernment, dictation, and online sites.

(Limited to 30 participants!)

June 13 – 17, 2016 (Monday through Friday)

9am-12pm each day

Led by Dr. Lanny Lanford

Professor of Music and Director of Music Programs

$50.00 for Reservations and Materials

Call 864 587-4256 or email

by May 27, 2016