To study history is to plan for the future. Through an in-depth review of time periods, cultures and economies, you’ll engage in a variety of opportunities to critique evidence and theories surrounding important events and better understand their impact on today’s world.

Concentration in History, Bachelor of Arts Degree

History, one of the concentrations in SMC’s customizable Bachelor of Arts program, will challenge you to think creatively and critically as you develop a variety of skills important to employers. At SMC, you can study history and one additional concentration, while also taking career development courses via the Camak Core.

Concentration vs. Major: a degree concentration is similar to a major, but with fewer classes. The SMC Bachelor's Degree lets you choose two complementary concentrations to make your degree more adaptable to your career goals.

Why Study History?

Beyond its value as a discipline, history gives you an opportunity to conduct research, write persuasively and present effectively. All of which will enhance your performance in any career. In addition, you’ll have a unique insight into how past events have shaped today’s world.

Find Your Dream Job

When you pair your degree with the internships, soft skills and career development training you'll get at SMC, you can major in almost any subject(s) you love and be ready for a great career in nearly any industry that interests you. Explore examples of careers available to students concentrating in History:

  • Archivist
  • Journalist
  • Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Lawyer
  • Park Services
  • Historian
  • Law Enforcement

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