SMC Pioneer Learning Communities

SMC Pioneer Learning Communities

The SMC Pioneer Learning Communities (SMCPLC) is a purposeful structuring of courses and activities designed to increase the chance for your personal, academic and professional success.

Members of the SMCPLC take a series of closely-linked courses, with the same group of new freshman. This course grouping makes it easy for you to discover connections between disciplines. Working with a group of familiar students also makes it easy for you to make friends and get to know your student colleagues.

As a member of the SMCPLC, you’ll also be exposed to opportunities and experiences that will help you discover your career path and interests.

Want to be part of the SMC Pioneer Learning Communities?

Contact Kathleen Brown, Director of Learning Communities, at (864) 587-4344 or


Why Participate in the SMCPLC?

  • Integrated assignments that count for both classes
  • Seminar-type meetings
  • Guest speakers
  • Themed meals
  • Being able to take your graduation requirements in a unique and engaging way
  • Innovative professors who work together for your success
  • None of this occurs outside of class time and does not interfere with sports, leadership or arts activities

How do you participate in the SMCPLC?

  • Accept the invitation you receive once you place your SMC enrollment deposit.
  • Places are given on a first-come, first-served basis and spaces are limited.
  • Only students who place in ENGL 101 will be eligible to take the ENGL 101 linked courses.

What are the opportunities provided by the SMCPLC?

  • Discovering how concepts learned in one subject can be applied to projects assigned in another
  • Working together to solve class-related problems
  • Adapting to multiple faculty members’ perspectives and classroom environments
  • Making friends with students enrolled in the community
  • Arranging a convenient class schedule of closely integrated courses
  • Increasing the chance for student success in personal, academic, and professional arenas
  • Students taking SMCPLC courses in the fall get first choice for second semester linked courses.

Linked Courses

Learning Communities A and B

  • English Composition I, Dr. Litasha Dennis
  • World Religions, Dr. Kris Pratt

Learning Communities C

  • Music Appreciation, Dr. Lanny Lanford
  • General Psychology, Mr. Pete Aylor

Learning Communities D

  • English Composition I, Dr. Bethany Perkins
  • Introductory Sociology, Dr. Pamela Hutto