Meet Your Admissions Counselor – Julie Lanford

Meet Your Admissions Counselor – Julie Lanford

Julie Lanford, M.B.A.

Areas Served: Private and public schools in Spartanburg Districts 4, 5 and 6, Charleston county

About me: Hi! I’m Julie Lanford, Director of Admissions here at SMC and a 2007 graduate of the college. After graduating with my Associate degree from SMC, I transferred to Anderson University to earn my bachelor’s degree. I then returned to SMC as an employee and have been here ever since. I love it here! SMC is unique in every way and is truly a place centered around providing students with the resources they need to thrive. Some of my favorite campus events are productions by our theatre department, the SMC Talent Show, athletic events and Blue Chucks Dance Team performances. I could continue to tell you what I love about SMC but you should come check it out for yourself. I hope to see you on campus soon!

Julie Lanford

Director of Admissions