Meet Your Admissions Counselor – Kacie Higginbotham

Meet Your Admissions Counselor – Kacie Higginbotham

HigginbothamAreas Served: Newberry, Lexington, Richland, Kershaw, Lancaster, Calhoun, Sumter, Lee, Darlington, Chesterfield, Clarendon, Florence, Marlboro, Williamsburg, Marion, Dillon, Horry

About me: My name is Kacie Higginbotham and I was part of SMC’s class of 2012. While at SMC, I played soccer and assisted the admissions office as a Presidential Ambassador. While pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree, I continued to assist the admissions office at SMC in any way I could. After graduating from USC Upstate in 2014, I was very eager to join the admissions staff as an admissions counselor. I currently live in Spartanburg with my husband, Mike and our two dogs.

Attending SMC was one of the best choices I could have ever made. I’m lucky now to be able to help students with one of the most important choices of their lives. Please feel encouraged to contact me with any questions you have throughout your college search—I’m here to help!

Kacie Higginbotham

Admission Counselor

You have to put in a lot of hard work but you can’t forget to have fun along the way. If you have to take a difficult class, also take one that you will enjoy. If you have an exam on Friday, study first and then veg out with your friends over the weekend. College is a balancing act.
I will always support Pioneer Athletics in general but SMC soccer is where it’s at.
The Tangled Web is one of my favorite spots to go but I also love The Coffee Bar downtown and Hub City Books right next to it.
A short poem by Shel Silverstein goes:

“Listen to the musn’ts, child,

Listen to the don’ts

Listen to the shouldn’ts

The impossibles, the won’ts

Listen to the never haves

Then listen close to me—

Anything can happen, child,

Anything can be.”

Always classic rock. Otherwise, my favorites are The Black Keys, The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men and other similar artists.
I spend my free time making things. I was raised on arts and crafts and I never grew out of it.
Without a doubt, my favorite book series will always be Harry Potter. My go-to favorite movie is Star Wars Episode VII but recently, Pitch Perfect has been played repeatedly at my house.