Calculate LIFE Scholarship GPA

Calculate LIFE Scholarship GPA

The LIFE GPA must be calculated for all students for the purpose of awarding the LIFE Scholarship.

The LIFE GPA Scholarship must include:

  • All grades and credit hours earned at any eligible institution (in-state and out-of-state), including courses that do not transfer based on the institution’s policy and college courses taken while in high school.

The LIFE GPA must not include:

  • Continuing education courses, non-degree credit courses for an associate’s degree or higher and remedial/developmental courses.

Steps for calculating the LIFE Scholarship GPA:

  1. Convert all grades earned at an eligible institution to a 4.0 scale based on each institution’s grading policy where the grades earned = Grade Points
  2. Multiply the Grade Points by Attempted Credit Hours = Quality Points (QP)
    Divide the total quality points by the total number of attempted credit hours = LIFE GPA

LIFE Scholarship GPA Formula:
(Grade Points * Attempted Credit Hours = QP) = LIFE GPA Total Attempted Credit Hours

The LIFE GPA may or may not be equivalent to your cumulative GPA earned at Spartanburg Methodist College. The LIFE GPA will be calculated only for the purposes of determining LIFE eligibility and will have no effect on graduation requirements.

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