More Opportunities at SMC

More Opportunities at SMC








SMC is located in the “Upstate” area of South Carolina, close to the incredible Appalachian Mountains that extend up the eastern side of the US. Our beautiful, 110-acre campus has seven residence halls, three dining locations, nationally-ranked athletics and much, more more, but part of the fun of SMC is visiting the amazing natural spaces and vibrant cities in the state and region.

Fun, modern, artsy, hippy and hipster – all words to describe Asheville, North Carolina. One of the South’s most enjoyable cities is just a short drive from SMC through beautiful mountain scenery (especially in the fall).

The Upstate area of South Carolina is full of natural spaces and state parks like Table Rock. If you enjoy hiking, swimming or simply looking at beautiful scenery, there are dozens of gorgeous places to visit in and around Spartanburg. And in the fall, the colors from the trees should not be missed.

Spartanburg has everything you need, but Greenville is a popular nearby destination when you want to branch out. Great music, dining, arts and shopping downtown or throughout the city are great reasons to go, but don’t miss Falls Park on the Reedy – an urban park with one of the South’s largest extension bridges.

Spartanburg is home to SMC and five other colleges, so there is always plenty to do and lots of people to meet. Everything is close to campus – restaurants, shopping, music, arts and entertainment. The College Town initiative holds several events each year where you can hang out with students from across the city.

This historic port city is considered one of the best cities in the US mainland. You’ll definitely want to visit at least once while you’re at SMC. There’s so much to see that you’ll need to schedule a few days to do it all.

Folly Beach is on the coast close to historic Charleston, South Carolina. Just over 3 hours away, it’s an easy day trip to get your fix of the ocean. It has a laid-back vibe and is easily accessible to visitors.

SMC was founded in 1911 and was originally housed completely in Hammond Hall. Built on the highest point in Spartanburg, students once lived and took classes within these walls. Today, it’s a residence hall for males students and one of the most beautiful buildings on campus.

SMC has many beautiful buildings, but Ellis Hall is the newest. Built in 2011, it houses classrooms, faculty office, a sub shop, Gibbs Auditorium, an art studio and art gallery space. Its modern design is enhanced by craftsman design features that were common around the turn of the 20th century, when SMC was founded.

Davis Mission Chapel is the college’s landmark. Students of all religious and non-religious backgrounds are welcome at SMC, and the Chapel is a open to all. Religious services are available each Wednesday for students who would like to attend.





There’s more than one path to a four-year degree. SMC has several different options that give you choices and flexibility that fit your lifestyle and needs.

If you choose a four-year degree option via our partner universities, you’ll embark on a new way to a bachelor’s degree that combines the savings and convenience of online education with all the benefits of living on SMC’s campus!

Learn more about the options by choosing a tab below.

Degree Type: Associate

Majors/Areas of Focus: Associate degrees awarded in Arts, Business, Criminal Justice, Fine Arts, Religious Studies and Science for students interested in the following areas of focus: Art, Business, Business Administration, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Drama, English, Education, Fine Arts, Foreign Language, History, Mathematics, Medicine, Music, Natural or Physical Sciences, Political Science or Government, Psychology, Religious Studies, Sociology, Veterinary Medicine and Other Arts and Letters Disciplines.

How It Works: Complete SMC freshman/sophomore years, get intensive help choosing the right major/career path, receive an Associate Degree and transfer to the right college for your goals.

Benefits: Save time and money by taking general education requirements here. With an Associate Degree, you may qualify for better part-time jobs/internships while completing a Bachelor’s degree here or at another college.

Degree Type: Bachelor’s Degree via the University of South Carolina’s Palmetto College

Majors/Areas of Focus: Accounting, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Elementary Education, Health Informatics, Health Promotion, Hospitality Management, Human Services, Information Management and Systems, Information Science, Liberal Studies, Organizational Leadership, RN-BSN Nursing, Special Education

How It Works: Complete SMC freshman & sophomore years + online degree completion via the University of South Carolina’s Palmetto College. Continue to live on SMC’s campus while completing your four-year degree.

Benefits: Receive USC degree at huge cost savings and enjoy a flexible schedule that will allow you work while you live at SMC and receive all campus programs and support services throughout degree completion.

Degree Type: Bachelor’s Degree via the Medical University of South Carolina

Majors/Areas of Focus: Healthcare Studies.
NOTE: This degree provides a solid foundation for SMC/MUSC graduates to apply to MUSC health professions programs in Physician
Assistant Studies, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Cardiovascular Perfusion, or Health Administration.

How It Works: Complete SMC freshman & sophomore years to earn an Associate degree + two years online degree completion via the MUSC College of Health Professions with an on-campus session in Charleston, SC once a semester. Continue to live on SMC’s campus while completing your four-year degree.

Benefits: Receive MUSC degree at huge cost savings and enjoy a flexible schedule that will allow you to work while you live at SMC and receive all campus programs and support services throughout degree completion.



Financial aid is straightforward at SMC. Here are four terms that will help you make sense of price vs. cost, what you’ll pay up front and what you’ll owe for one year of an SMC education:
Sticker Price: The trust cost of an SMC education that you’ll see quoted on our website and Admissions materials.

Real Price: The sticker price minus free money (from grants and scholarships). When you apply to SMC, you’re automatically considered for all grants and scholarships available at the college.

Your Share: This is the amount you or your family has to pay up front at the time you enroll. We have convenient plans that allow you to pay this amount in several smaller payments, over the months while you are in school, at no interest.

Cost: If you borrow money to help finance your investment in your education, the cost is what you’ll owe at the time you graduate. You can lower this cost by taking advantage of federal work-study opportunities or an off-campus part-time job while taking classes.




*FINE PRINT: All amounts shown are for estimation purposes only and represent the cost to attend and live on SMC’s campus for one year. Pell grant awards are determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. SMC offers merit scholarships ranging in value from $4,500 to $8,500. Scholarships have varying requirements. Students are automatically considered for scholarships during the application process (no separate scholarship application is required). View all SMC merit scholarships. The value of an SMC need scholarship may increase or decrease depending on an applicant’s specific financial situation.

The best way to estimate your cost to attend SMC is to complete the FAFSA4caster, a simple online tool. Use the information found on SMC’s Tuition and Aid pages to determine which merit or other scholarships/aid you may qualify for based on your GPA.



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