College Size


Large, Medium, or Small - Which College Has it All?

When you consider the right college for you, academics, locations, student life culture, and athletics are important, right? But did you know the size of the campus can make or break your college experience?


College Size At-a-Glance:

  • Small colleges = less than 5,000 students (usually private)
  • Medium-sized colleges = 5,000 to 15,000 students
  • Large colleges = more than 15,000 students
  • Extra-large colleges = more than 30,000 students!

Pros and cons of each size:

  • Small colleges = small class sizes, accessible professors, easy to find/make friends. SMC has about 1,000 students and is a small college.
  • Medium colleges = less cozy, but may have more courses/majors. Class sizes will be larger.
  • Large/Extra-large = may be overwhelming but offers lots of social activities, big-name athletics, huge classes with hundreds of students (less professor attention).

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Which is right for you?

See as many college campuses as you can to see what feels best. And if you need any help planning for school visits, feel free to send us an email or give us a call.

Find out if SMC is right for you and come visit us anytime!


About SMC

Since 1911, Spartanburg Methodist College has been dedicated to offering an affordable education to students of all religious and non-religious backgrounds.

SMC serves approximately 1,000 students and offers six associate degrees, a unique bachelor’s degree with six concentrations, a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and two 100% online programs in Criminal Justice and general college studies. SMC’s unique Camak Core professional development program prepares graduates for the business world with education in key soft skills employers value in new hires. SMC students experience the transformative powers of academic excellence, intellectual exploration, social awareness, and character development in a supportive environment where they can thrive.

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