Cost of College


The truth about college costs (don’t panic)

When you hear about going to college these days, the high cost of school is usually one of the first things mentioned. Don’t panic. By doing a little research, you can make a decision based on the value you’ll get for your money instead of choosing a school because it’s the one you always heard about growing up.


Here are the things you should consider when planning for the cost of college:

Tuition and Fees

A few things to know:

  • Public in-state schools where you're a resident cost less.
  • In most cases, public colleges located out of state cost MUCH more.
  • Private colleges (schools that don’t receive state funding) don't charge out-of-state students more to attend.
  • At SMC, tuition is the same for in-state and out-of-state students.
  • All schools charge fees for services like activities, libraries, student centers, health centers, technology, and parking costs, to name a few.

Room and Board

If you choose to live on campus, room and board is always separate from tuition. Some schools allow students to live independently in off-campus apartments. Others require you to live with a parent or guardian if you’re not living on campus. Students at SMC are required to live on campus, unless they are Spartanburg County residents or over the age of 21. This gives you the opportunity to experience the true culture of our campus—and your meal plan is included in room and board costs.

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Books and Other Course Materials

You can’t get around this one. Estimates for most undergrads going to school full-time pay about $1,300 per year. SMC saves students money by charging a flat rate for books: $800 per year.

Transportation and Personal Expenses

You’re going to need a working cell phone, and—oh yeah—money to have some fun with your friends. Doing your laundry at SMC is free, so you'll have more money in your pocket for the FUN stuff!

Financial Aid

If you're already starting to worry, relax. Most students and their families use financial aid to cover the expenses that state funds, scholarships, and tuition discounts don't cover. (Plus, at SMC, if you're a SC resident who receives the LIFE Scholarship, we'll completely cover your tuition costs!) Your financial aid options will depend on your family's income level, but you can always start estimating early by trying the FAFSA Forecaster on our website.

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