Connection Points – Spiritual Mentor Program

College is a time of discernment and development in all areas – including faith and spirituality. When examining and living into one’s spirituality, it is helpful to have a guide; someone who has lived in the spiritual space being explored. While I am always happy to talk with a student and help walk with them in their spiritual journey, a friendly and knowledgeable connection point can make a lot of difference.

So, we are starting Connection Points – a spiritual mentoring program that you can be a part of. Simply fill out the form ( and indicate your willingness to serve and tradition(s) with which you identify. Then you will be matched with a student that is looking for another contact point in your tradition.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is completely voluntary. Your responses will only be seen by the Chaplain, and will only be used for this program. Information that you share will not be public, and will not be shared with any department across campus.

Also, the list of traditions is by no means exhaustive, so if your tradition is not listed I ask your forgiveness and for you to fill out the “other” section.

Contact: Timothy Drum


Phone: (864) 327-5794