Alumni Profile – Tina Humphries, Class of 1990

Alumni Profile – Tina Humphries, Class of 1990

This article appeared originally in the Fall 2019 issue of Frontiers Magazine

Tina HumphriesAs the principal of James H. Hendrix Elementary IB World School, Tina Humphries champions education, life-long-learning and vibrant community—values indelibly linked to her years at SMC. At 18, however, Tina’s focus was not in the academic arena, but in the athletic one. She often felt that academics were separate from her personal passions and she selected SMC largely for the Women’s Soccer program. Once enrolled, she encountered a community that welcomed her, professors that challenged her, and curriculum that transformed a wary student-athlete into a woman committed to education.

“SMC helped me challenge and refine my beliefs,” she says. “I remember Betty Griffin’s World Religion Class as being particularly impactful.

She encouraged us to consider our personal beliefs while also considering the beliefs of other cultures. Having a multi-cultural perspective has greatly impacted my ability to lead such a diverse and unique school.”

Indeed, the elementary students at James H. Hendrix represent a wide array of cultures including those from Ukraine, Russia, and Latin America. In such a cultural melting pot, it is important to her that students “bring their passions to school in order to use those passions to engage with learning.”

Such an outlook has created an incredible learning environment where students learn two powerful lessons: education can be fun and community can be found in diversity.

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