Class Notes – Fall/Winter 2016

Class Notes – Fall/Winter 2016


Mrs. Juanita Pulley Hammett

Mrs. Hammett and her husband Ted are enjoying their family, including their three great-grandchildren, girls ages five, four and three. Mrs. Hammett looks forward to the Judd Hall renovation. She says her time there was very special. It is where she met her husband of 64 years.


Mrs. Frances Austin Day

Mrs. Frances Austin Day passed away March 11, 2015, after having taught elementary school for 40 years at Whitesbury Elementary School. Surviving are her husband, R. C. Day Jr., two sons, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.


Mrs. Marilyn Blakeley Hatzenbuhler

Mrs. Hatzenbuhler’s oldest granddaughter has come to live with her and is dancing with the Palm Beach Ballet. Mrs. Hatzenbuhler stays active with the United Methodist women and other community organizations.


Mrs. Roberta Altman Thompson

Mrs. Thompson’s husband, Roger, passed away in 2009. She has continued to live in the home where they moved after retirement. After retirement, her husband continued to serve as the pastor of a small Methodist church in Rockingham, North Carolina. It was supposed to be temporary, but the congregation wouldn’t give him up. He was there seven years. Mrs. Thompson’s daughter lives in Cary, North Carolina. Mrs. Thompson has five grandchildren.


Mrs. Jerlyn Bain Hutto

Mrs. Hutto is retired and living at Edisto Beach with her husband. She is traveling and enjoying life and grandchildren.

Mr. C. Roland Smith

Mr. Smith and his wife enjoy volunteering with their church and Disaster Cycle Services of the American Red Cross. They also love to vacation on cruise ships.


Mr. Barry S. Armstrong

Mr. Armstrong had two great years at SMC. He retired from Stanley after 31 years. He also did some work for Colonial Pipeline in Alabama. He has been blessed to be in Greenville County for 60 years, and blessed to work for four different companies in sales.


Mr. Thomas E. Mullins

Mr. Mullins is Principal of a K-12 school and is also a former coach. He has two sons and one grandson. Mr. Mullins says that SMC made a difference in his life.


Ms. Lois Virginia Gee

Ms. Gee loved her career as an elementary school guidance counselor. She has really missed the children and working with the families since she retired. She obtained an education specialist degree as a reading consultant. She enjoys living at the beach and enjoys the wonderful state parks nearby. She also enjoys visiting Brookgreen Gardens at Pawley’s Island. She has very fond memories of SMC.


Ms. Adell E. Bell

Ms. Bell retired from MUSC after 32 years of service in December 2011. She is currently working at Williamsburg Regional Hospital part-time in cardiology as a Cardiac Sonographer.


Mrs. Gail Bragg Ball

Mrs. Ball is now a retired tax accountant who loves spoiling her three grandchildren, Kylie, Kinsley and Zackery.

Mrs. Gloria Greer Elledge

Mrs. Elledge has retired and is enjoying her grandchildren. She feels blessed to have gone to SMC. She finished high school and married her high school sweetheart at age 18. She was not able to attend college at that point in her life. Later, thanks to evening classes and Saturday College at SMC, she was able to get her degree while balancing her college with taking care of her three school-aged children. Her husband worked as the Director of Duncan Community Services. Mrs. Elledge received her degree in early childhood education and got a job at DCA teaching 4-K. She says that thanks to SMC, her dreams came true.


Mrs. Debbie Cothran Becknell

Mrs. Becknell recently celebrated her 35th wedding anniversary. She has two grown daughters and two grandsons. She has been working for Milliken & Co. for 38 years.


Mrs. Dorothy Drakeford McKelvin

Mrs. McKelvin recently retired from the Millennium Challenge Corporation in Washington, DC.


Ms. Angela D. Clark

After graduating from SMC, Angela worked as a bartender, in accounts receivable for IBM and as a salesperson at Lowe’s. Then she found her true passion. She started at CPG (Consumer Product Goods) in September of 1986 as a retail salesperson and has worked her way up through the years. She is now the Director of Business Development with TDG. She has worked for local food brokers as well as several big companies, such as Ferrero USA and the Kellogg Co. In 2003, she went back to school at Keller Graduate School of Management and earned her master’s in marketing in June 2005. She lives in Rock Hill, where she and her sister take care of their parents. She enjoys spending time at the beach, the lake and playing golf. She is also the newly elected president of the American Legion Auxiliary Post #34.


Mr. Jerry Neal Francis

Mr. Francis has served as the Deafblind Coordinator at the SC Commission for the Blind since 1994. He was promoted to Region II Director in 2008.


Mrs. Angela Hall Strother

Mrs. Strother is proud that her son, Connor Hutto, graduated from SMC in 2015, 30 years after she graduated from SMC. After 25 years as a special education teacher, Mrs. Strother has moved into administration and she is now Student Services Coordinator for Hampton District One.


Mr. Michael Buffalo Smith

Michael Buffalo Smith has a new book published. It is his seventh, Capricorn Rising: Conversations in Southern Rock (Mercer University Press). It collects in-depth interviews with the artists, producers and staff of the 1970s premier Southern Music record label Capricorn, including Gregg Allman, Dickey Betts, producer Tom Dowd, and members of Marshall Tucker Band, Wet Willie, Charlie Daniels Band and many others. Smith recently flew to Austin, Texas, to record a music EP, his first recording since 2005. The album, Renegade Angel, is produced by Billy Eli and features several legendary Texas musicians.


Ms. Angela Y. Dogan-Moore

When Angela left SMC, she married a military man who was her high school sweetheart. They have traveled the world together with their three children. They now live in Columbia, South Carolina, and he recently retired after 33 years in the military. Angela now owns her own business called Angela’s Service. She says that life is great!


Mr. Herbert J. Baxter

Mr. Baxter is a former Minor League baseball player. He played for the Giants, the A’s and the Dodgers.


Mr. Troy Edward Fields

Mr. Fields and his wife recently had their first child. Kate Oneal Fields was born on October 2, 2014.


Ms. Sarah Melzer Gibson

“Today I went back to a place that means so much to me. My story about my time at SMC is very similar to so many others. It’s a place that sees students for their full potential and pushes them to reach it. It’s a place that I went to, unsure of where I wanted to go in life. A place where faculty took time to get to know me. Where they saw leadership potential in me that no one else had ever recognized. A place that brought me out of the shell I had buried myself so deeply inside of. A place that quite literally made me who I am. Today, I hugged the neck of the Chaplin that encouraged me in to ministry. I shook hands with a former dean who remembered me by name and recalled some of the things I did that made him proud of me. I had the honor of being there when a man who has led so many to Christ through service was recognized for his commitment to students just like me. I reconnected with friends that I’ve missed so much. I even choked back a few tears when I walked in the auditorium where I used to perform as an SMC singer and remembered my dad sitting only three rows back making faces at me while I was on stage. Today was beautiful and filling and so rewarding. Tonight, as I reflect not only on my time today but at the two years I had there, I find myself even more grateful than I was before.”


Mrs. Diana Owens Tedder

Diana Jamie Owens married Zachary Tedder on January 18, 2014.


Ms. Alysha Marie Decken

Ms. Decken taught at a school called Shanxi Modern Bilingual School in Shanxi, China. She taught grade two and grade five during the 2009-2010 school year. She said the Lord opened her eyes to the layers of hardness she had in her heart. He stripped it away, scale by scale, and it was incredibly painful. He plucked her out of the familiar and placed her in a country where she became ruined for the ordinary. She says she will never be the same again.


Mr. Jonathan David Blanton

Mr. Blanton graduated from USC Upstate in political science and completed his law degree (JD) in December 2015.

Ms. Hannah Beth Gibbs

Ms. Gibbs, after a four-year apprenticeship, sat for her North Carolina State Board of Opticians license exam in June 2015.


Mr. Joshua Stephen Dacey

Mr. Dacey graduated in May 2015 from UNCA with honors. He has been accepted into the dual Master of Arts in Public History/Master of Library and Information Science program at USC Columbia.

Ms. Laura Lucia Morales

Ms. Morales graduated from Converse College in May 2015 and will work for the Teach for America program for two years. Then she will attend graduate school.

Mr. Yaroslav Radtsevich

Mr. Radtsevich graduated in May 2015 from USC Columbia with a double major in political science and history. He is headed into the Officers Training Program for the U.S. Marine Corps and then to law school.


Ms. Ivy Rebekkah Murphy

Ms. Murphy is continuing her education at Clemson University. She is working on her teaching degree, so that she can teach biology to sixth through 12th grade in a lab setting.