Meet athletic director Megan Aiello

Meet athletic director Megan Aiello

This article appeared originally in the Fall 2018 issue of  Frontiers Magazine


Megan Aiello, formerly head volleyball coach at SMC, was announced as the new athletic director in the spring.

Meet athletic director Megan AielloWhat was the process of becoming Athletic Director?

After submitting my resume, the interview process started in January 2018. I had
an on-campus interview with just the committee, and then from that they narrowed it down to four candidates. I also had a question-and-answer session with the coaches. I allowed them to ask questions of me, talked to them about what I wanted to do as athletic director, and presented a strategic plan to them that had nine goals in it that I’d really like to focus on. It was a long process, but I was excited when Scott told me I had been named athletic director.

What is your background in athletics?

I have been coaching for 17 years. I have experience as the Region 10 women’s director. At Huntington College,
before I came back to SMC, I was the associate athletic director of compliance and the senior women’s administrator. Then I came back to SMC, and I’ve been here for five years coaching.

What are your responsibilities as AD and in your other roles with the College?

AD covers a little bit of everything, so the biggest part of my job is probably going to be making sure of the eligibility for our sports and making sure that we’re in compliance with the NJCAA. I’m also a cabinet member, and I have some supervisory responsibilities with the physical education classes. I wear a lot of hats as athletic director.

What has the transition from coach to athletic director been like?

As of right now, it’s kind of been a whirlwind. It’s a matter of learning all of the different responsibilities that
I’m going to have. I’m still learning day to day, a lot of on-the-job experience.

How many women have held this job in the past?

Just one, and she actually hired me my first time here as a volleyball coach.

What’s it like to be in a role/field that is so male-dominated?

It’s difficult at times, but you’re seeing a lot more women lately becoming athletic directors, which is awesome. You’re going to have that mentality that you always do with athletics, or with women in any job, but I really think that we’re starting to shatter the glass ceiling and starting to break through and show that we’re great leaders who are able to lead a group of coaches and student-athletes.

What plans do you have so far for the athletic department?

Because athletes spend so much time with their coaches and teammates, it’s easy for them to feel like they’re part
of an exclusive club. I want to make sure they’re working to create strong relationships with everyone on campus, including other students, faculty, and staff. That’s good for the College, but it’s also good for our athletes. We want them to be well-rounded so that when they leave SMC, they can point to a record of solid work on the field, but also in the classroom and in the community.

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