Camak Core Lessons Learned: Dantherm Cooling

Camak Core Lessons Learned: Dantherm Cooling

Students See Real-World Use of Kanban Method for Project Management

Learning business and professional concepts is important for college students. Seeing these methods and theories put into action at local companies is invaluable to showing the value they provide in the professional world.

Students at Spartanburg Methodist College (SMC) were able to see how Spartanburg-based Dantherm Cooling utilizes the Kanban method for project management to keep their production floor running smoothly. They also learned how they could utilize Kanban to help organize their own daily lives and stay on track with all their responsibilities.

SMC Professor Victoria Novak felt it was important for students in her professional development class to get the in-person experience to better understand how companies use the things they are learning in the classroom.

Students came away with an important lesson and a great experience.

Watch the video above to learn more about the visit to Dantherm Cooling and what it provided for the students who attended.

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