Leadership Development

Leadership Development


You’ll have opportunities and options available to you that will give you leadership responsibilities from the first day of your participation. So many opportunities are available, you’ll have a hard time choosing where to serve.

Opportunities for Leadership

This is a leadership program open to all SMC students, consisting of leadership workshops, team challenge course activities, special speakers, and opportunities to participate in conferences and retreats.
Pioneer Peers serve as representatives for SMC, representing the ideals and mission of the college in behavior and spirit. Pioneer Peers serve as peer leaders for new students through our Summer Orientation program, Pioneer Power Up, and in each section of SMC 101, our Freshmen Year Experience class.

Pioneer Peers must have 2.5 GPA, attending scheduled training meetings, and must be involved in at least one club, organization, or campus activity.

The benefits of being a Pioneer Peer include a $1200 Scholarship, an opportunity to help shape the experiences of new students, experience in leadership and group facilitation, and the opportunity to work with some of the most exciting people on campus.

Resident Assistants (RAs) serve as members of the Residence Life staff and assist with the total operation of the residence halls.

The Resident Assistants are responsible for coordinating three programs for the students on their hall each semester.

RAs play an important role in educating students concerning college policies and regulations, and assisting students with academic, personal, and social matters.

The benefits of becoming a Resident Assistant are an $2000 Scholarship, gaining skills and work experience, the opportunity to act as a role model for other students, experience in programming, planning and development, and the opportunity to improve communication and assertiveness skills.

The purpose of the Leadership Retreat is to offer student leaders the opportunity to network with other student leaders and key administrators formally and informally.

Participants are presented with the opportunity to enhance personal and leadership skills through educational workshops and sessions.

The Leadership Retreat is typically held at the Look Up Lodge in Traveler’s Rest, S.C. This mountain retreat setting, complete with a lake and hiking trails, allows students to develop relationships that will last a lifetime. Team-building and trust activities are a vital part of the retreat each year, with the purpose of creating a sense of unity among the student leaders. The Leadership Retreat is a true introduction into life as a student leader at SMC.

This class is open to SMC freshmen who are interested in further developing their leadership skills and discovering more about the topic of leadership.

While all new freshmen have to take SMC 101, this special section covers similar topics but with a distinct focus on what it means to be a leader, specifically how to be a strong leader on a college campus. (Students who are members of the Pioneer Learning Community are not eligible to apply because of scheduling issues. Sorry!)


leadership transcript

SMC provides a Leadership and Involvement Transcript, which is an official record of co-curricular activities that aids in acquiring a broad liberal arts education. Official copies of the Leadership and Involvement Transcript can be used to complement your resume and your academic transcript for applications to other institutions or prospective employers.

Got Questions?

Contact Kim Caton, Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development, via email or 864-587-4006.

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