The mission of the SMC Counseling and Career Center is to provide personal counseling, career and transfer support services to all SMC students. The Counseling and Career Center provides confidential services aimed at encouraging your academic and personal growth. Professional counselors are available to assist all students.


Individual and Group Counseling

GroupsThe SMC Counseling and Career Center provides a wide range of personal and group services for our students. Whether the issue is a personal problem or a pending decision, counseling is often the best way to clarify your concerns and learn how you might deal with them more effectively.  We have professionally trained counselors available to assist you and this service is offered at no additional cost to the student. Referrals can also be made to professionals in the surrounding community.

Throughout the school year, we offer Counseling Seminars lead by staff or local professionals to provide additional education on a variety of topics of interest to our student body.

Contact Us for an Appointment

Feel free to contact the staff of the Counseling and Career Center. We are able to assist students in most all areas of personal growth and adjustment. We maintain an excellent referral relationship with off-campus professional resources for students if more intense and extended therapy is needed. Appointments can be made by calling our offices, emailing one of our counselors or by visiting the Counseling and Career Center in person.


Sue Onken
Phone: (864) 699-4649

Student Developmen Pete Aylor

Pete Aylor
Phone: (864) 587-4229

Online Screening

Spartanburg Methodist College Counseling Center welcomes you to participate in online screening for mood and anxiety disorders. This free screening is made available to all our SMC community members and is taken anonymously. The screening is provided so that you may find out — in a few minutes — whether or not professional consultation would be helpful to you. Take this opportunity to try it out!

Career Services

Career Planning

College CounselA plan is the basic building block of success, yet setting a direction for your life is often a difficult process. Your values, dreams and career goals must be taken into account. The more you understand yourself and the opportunities that are available to you, the easier it will be to create your personal career plan. The SMC Counseling and Career Center can help you on your career journey by utilizing valuable assessment tools to help you understand your personality, interests, vocational skills and career values. By using these computerized assessments, counselors can help you explore your options to determine the next steps in your academic and professional career journey! Students who participate in this process will be provided with a Career Personal Profile (CPP) that includes the following assessments: The PTI (Personality Type Inventory — based upon the research of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), the SIGI3 (System of Integrated Guidance Information, Third Edition) and the SDS (John Holland’s Self Directed Search). This service is available to all SMC students.

College TransferCollege Transfer

It is significant to note that over 93% of our graduates transfer to 4-year institutions of their choosing to continue their pursuit of a baccalaureate degree. Our curriculum is designed for transfer success and our professional staff can address all concerns as students prepare for the next step in their academic journey. We provide access to senior college catalogs, offer assistance with the transfer application process and make available other resources to help students in the decision making process. In addition, senior college recruiters visit each semester to assist our sophomores with transfer options.


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