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A Talk about Superhero & Jewish Identity.. With the creation of the new Moon Knight television series, Disney has newly opened debates about diversity and the superhero's Jewishness. This lecture will take a journey through the history and Jewishness of the character, Moon Knight, and engage with the debates surrounding his Jewish identity.


Passing: Book Club

Ballard Center

Identity is the DNA of who we are. This book club is designed to discuss the visible, and invisible, parts of our identity and how we choose (or pass) to acknowledge those identities. Book discussion will take place in a series, on March 14, 21, and 28. Free book to the first 15 student participants. […]

SGA Senate Meeting

Ballard Center

Did you know, every student is a member of SGA? That’s right, YOU have voting power and can bring your feedback, concerns, and questions to your elected representatives! Join us at a Senate Meeting on Monday nights in Ballard. (Meetings are biweekly.) Senate meetings are OPEN to the campus community, and all students, faculty, and […]