Experience the Summit

Register by MARCH 3
Let your Spring Break take you to the next level with the SMCX Summit!

Complete a 4-day program in your choice of tracks:
Track 1Career
  • Jumpstart your career prep
  • Improve your professional leadership skills
  • Gain key skills for success in your future jobs
  • Learn about on-campus leadership opportunities
Track 2Success
  • Get personalized help for academic success
  • Learn how to better study and prepare for tests
  • Get help catching up on assignments if you have fallen behind
  • Get one-on-one tutoring, if needed
INCLUDED inBoth Tracks:
  • Connect with and learn from local business leaders
  • Exciting campus activities by the Pioneer Events team
  • Special small-group dinners with special guests and speakers
The Summit will only be offered as in-person sessions at this time. There will not be a virtual option for 2021.

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