Music & Art

SMC Art and Music

Spartanburg Methodist College focuses on stimulating students’ cultural experiences and love for the arts – whether it is through music, the spoken word, or visual arts. A program of events is developed each year with the student in mind — events that both showcase student talent, expose them to outside influences, and generate a greater appreciation for the culture and arts of different groups and backgrounds.

SMC offers strong programs in voice and choral performances, both group and individual; drama; and visual arts. Many students in those classes participate in extracurricular activities such as the SMC Players drama troupe; the SMC Singers choral group; and the SMC Troubadours, an elite, touring choral group.

Music Department

SMC MusicThe SMC Music Department offers classes in Music Appreciation and Elements of Music (an introduction to music theory).

Also available are choral and instrumental ensembles: SMC Singers, which is open to any students as long as the student can match pitch, yet no previous experience is necessary; Troubadours, which is an auditioned choral ensemble as this smaller group travels around the region offering concerts and worship music; Instrumental ensemble, which is a small group of instrumentalists who gather once a week to rehearse. Private lessons in piano and voice are also offered.

At the end of each semester all groups perform in the Concert, Fine Arts Night, or recital. The performances are the final exam for any performance class.

For more information on the musical programs and classses at SMC, contact Dr. Lanny Lanford, professor of music and director of the music department, at (864) 587-4275 or