Orientation FAQ

Who must attend Orientation?

All incoming Freshmen, both residential and commuter students

When can I register for Academic Orientation?

You should receive a brochure concerning Academic Orientation registration after you have paid your deposit. The first mailing goes out in Mid-May. Any students who pay their deposit after that mailing will receive the brochure a few days after your deposit is received.

How early should I register for Academic Orientation?

As early as possible. There are registration deadlines outlined in the brochure. While registration is allowed after these deadlines, it cannot be guaranteed for a particular date. As soon as you know which session you would like to attend, send in your registration.

Can I register online?

Yes! Registration online is quick, easy, and preferred. After you register, you should receive an email confirmation concerning the orientation session you are to attend.

I cannot attend either of the Academic Orientation sessions in July. What do I do?

For students who are unable to attend the summer Academic Orientation sessions, there is a make-up session once you arrive in the fall, during Orientation. Space in necessary classes will still be available at that time.

What does the Orientation Fee cover?

The Orientation Fee covers costs associated with both Academic and Basic Orientation. Some specific items that are paid for with this fee are student meals, a T-shirt, and printed materials. This fee of $25 is automatically charged to your student account.

What will we do during Orientation?

During Academic Orientation, you will meet with your advisor and register for Fall classes. You also have the opportunity to have your picture taken for your student ID card, settle matters with the Financial Aid and Business Offices, and visit the campus bookstore.

See the Basic Orientation Schedule for details regarding Basic Orientation

When will I receive my Housing Assignment?

Housing assignments are usually mailed out sometime during mid-June. If you have any questions regarding your housing assignment, contact the Residence Life Office at 864-587-4247. Housing staff will be available at Academic Orientation sessions to answer any questions you may have.

If I receive my Housing Assignment before my Academic Orientation session, can I view my residence hall room that day?

There will be sample rooms open in residence halls during Academic Orientation sessions, but individual rooms will not be available for you to see. We often have conferences and camps occupying our residence halls during the summer. Also, there may be construction going on in several residence halls that would prohibit students and their families from viewing their assigned room on those days.

Do I need to buy my books during Academic Orientation?

No! You are not able to purchase textbooks until Validation Day in August. The Bookstore will be open during Academic Orientation for you to browse or purchase SMC clothing and/or memorabilia. They often have great sales on these days, so make sure you stop by!

How long can my parents stay during Orientation?

Parents are welcome to stay through supper on move-in day.  Supper is free for all new students and their families. After that, parents should leave in order to allow you to make a positive transition to life at SMC