Parent and Family Handbook

Glossary of Common Terms

Business Office:  The Business Office is located in the Buchheit Administration Building. Here students can check their account balance, make account payments, cash checks, among other things.

Chuck the Pioneer:  The SMC Mascot; Chuck makes appearances at home basketball games and other special events.  Students who are interested in being Chuck should contact the Athletic Director.

Credit Hour:  a unit of academic credit, usually representing one hour of class time per week per term; Classes that carry 3 credit hours usually meet for three hours each week (1 hour 3 days a week or 1.5 hours 2 days a week).  A full-time student carries between 12-18 hours of credit per semester, usually the equivalent of 4-6 classes.

Dorm:  a building to sleep in

FACTS Tuition Payment Service:  The only way to make monthly payments toward your student’s account balance.  Speak with a representative in the Business Office for more information or visit their website here.

Financial Aid Office:  The Financial Aid Office is located in the Buchheit Administration Building. For more information, visit the Financial Aid page.

Honor Code:  describes the standards of behavior expected of each student

Pioneer Peers:  Sophomore students who assist with Orientation and serve as Peer Leaders for the Freshman Year Experience class, SMC 101.  These students are trained to help first year students adjust to college life, both in and out of the classroom.

Registrar’s Office:  The Registrar’s Office is located in the Buchheit Administration Building.  Jill Johnson, the college’s Registrar, is responsible for verifying academic requirements, providing enrollment verification, sending academic transcripts, and assisting students in following the proper procedures for withdrawal from classes, transient course work approval, etc.  Click here to visit the Registrar’s page.

Residence Hall:  communities that focus on students, growth and learning; where students’ lives are enhanced through social interaction, educational opportunities, safe facilities, academic resources and comfortable environments

Residence Hall Director (RHD):  a trained professional staff leader who lives in a residence to ensure the safety, security, and personal growth of the residents

Residency Requirement:  Students are required to live on campus unless:  1) they live with parents or legal guardian; 2) they are at least 21 years of age; 3) they are married; 4) they are enrolled for less than 12 credit hours

Resident Assistant (RA):  a trained peer leader who supervises those living in a residence hall; provides opportunities for social and education growth

Room Condition Form:  A room inventory student must complete when checking in and out of the residence hall to document conditions of the room and furniture

Room Freeze:  time period when students are not permitted to change rooms without first going through mediation

Room Thaw:  time period each semester (typically three weeks after the semester begins) when students are permitted to change rooms; prior approval is necessary

Student Development Division:  The Student Development Division, led by the Dean of Students, includes many of the areas that affect students outside of the academic arena.  The Counseling Center, Housing and Residence Life, Student Activities and Leadership Development, Intramural Sports, Health Services, Campus Safety, and the Campus Post Office all fall into the Student Development Division.  Student Development is committed to providing opportunities for student learning outside of the classroom and support classroom learning with appropriate activities and events.

Student Government Association (SGA):  SGA is the governing body of SMC students.  Students are elected by their peers to represent their needs, wants, and concerns to the administration.