People Organizing Programs Successfully

SMC pops

Roxanne Williamson, Kenny Utz, Heidi John, and Josh Williams pose with their Gingerbread House creations, made during the annual POPS Gingerbread House Decorating Contest.

The Purpose of POPS is to serve as the general all-campus programming organization: plan, present, and evaluate popular, cultural, educational, and social co-curricular programming for SMC students, faculty, and staff; to work with college employees to provide a significant co-curricular learning experience for students during their enrollment at SMC; and to encourage retention of students by providing an active and positive social environment. Membership is open to all currently enrolled students at SMC.

For more information about POPS, you can download the POPS Constitution here. To become a member of POPS, contact Kim Day, Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development at or (864) 587-4006.

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