Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson

Phone: (864) 587-4232

Kerry VanWinkle

Kerry VanWinkle

Admin. Assist. to the Registrar
Phone: (864) 587-4238

The Office of the Registrar can provide the following information for students and former students:

Address and Name Changes

Requests to change a student’s address must come from the student. Currently enrolled students may come to the office to complete an address change form. Former students may mail a written request with the changes and the student’s signature. Name changes require legal documentation of the change. The Office of the Registrar is the only appropriate office on campus to make a request for address and name changes.

Enrollment Verification

Verification of enrollment can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar. The student may come to the office, call or email ( a request. The student will need to provide name, ID number, semesters to be included in the verification, any policy information that should be included, and the complete address or fax number for forwarding.

Transient Course Work Approval

Students may request to enroll in courses off campus to be transferred to Spartanburg Methodist College. Transient enrollment usually occurs in summer school. The student should obtain information about the course(s) desired, including name of college, course title and description, and present the information to the Registrar. The student will receive a signed Transient Permission Form if the request is approved.

Withdrawal Information

Since withdrawals from a class or from college require a student’s signature, as well as other appropriate signatures, the student should come to the Office of the Registrar to obtain a form and directions. Please consult dates listed in the calendar and catalog concerning certain withdrawal dates.