Religious Life

SMC offers you the opportunity to grow spiritually while on campus. As a college connected to the United Methodist Church, SMC provides many opportunities for worship and service. Throughout our history, we’ve welcomed students from a variety of religious traditions and from nations around the world.

We seek not to dictate your beliefs, but to help you discover and supplement a life of faith that’s right for you. Campus Ministry at SMC embraces the many wide traditions of the ecumenical Christian faith. Academic study, extracurricular programs, and mission experiences expose students to other religious traditions. While our many religious views may differ, SMC cultivates an atmosphere of respect.

The college offers weekly chapel, Christian worship music programs, numerous Bible studies, service clubs, and opportunities for spiritual growth. The faculty and staff of SMC believe that each individual has both supreme worth and human potential which, though not unlimited, is greater than he or she realizes. You will be encouraged by the faculty and staff to develop your God-given potential.

United Methodists have always believed in educating both mind and spirit. The United Methodist Church is the only church to be founded on the campus of a university. It was the goal of its founders, John and Charles Wesley, “to unite the two so long disjoined, knowledge and vital piety.” In the spirit of their founders, United Methodists have established over 100 colleges and universities in the United States (more than any other religious denomination), including universities such as American, Duke, Emory, Southern Methodist, Syracuse, and Vanderbilt. SMC is in good company.

SMC is approved by The University Senate of The United Methodist Church.