Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Advising appointments for new and returning students will be held online or by phone. Advising appointments should be scheduled with your PAC Advisor.

Academic Advising at SMC is provided through the Pioneer Advising Center (PAC).

The PAC is staffed by four professional advisors who assist students in choosing the right degree path and classes to successfully complete their educational goals. Academic Advising is supplemented by our Faculty-Student Mentoring Program.

How Does the PAC Serve You?

Your Academic Advisor (PAC Advisor) will:

  • Guide your transition into SMC
  • Help you choose one of SMC’s six academic degrees
  • Show you which courses you will need to take to complete your degree
  • Teach you how to log on to your student portal and register for classes
  • Introduce you to your faculty mentor
  • Keep track of your degree completion and transfer requirements
  • Help you create a class schedule with course formats that work best for you.

Your Faculty Mentor will:

  • Stay connected with you during your time at SMC
  • Guide you in making academic decisions that best fit your interests
  • Steer you toward SMC services that will help you be successful
Check out our Fall 2021 FAQ page for information about the upcoming semester.

What Does the PAC Do?

  • Help You Make Your Degree Plan

    There are so many different classes you can take. Your advisor will help you choose which ones are the most beneficial for your degree plan. They will help you learn the course sequences, and make sure you are enrolled in the correct classes based on your placement.

  • Teach You How to Register for Classes

    Before you start classes, you have to register for them! If you start in the fall, you will register sometime in the summer before you come to campus. The PAC Advisors will teach you how to do this on your student portal. After that, you'll know how to register for your classes on your own!

  • Keep Track of Your Graduation Progress and Degree Completion

    Your advisor will help you keep track of your progress within your degree plan. They will notify you if you are falling behind, and make sure that you are enrolled in the number of hours you need for the varying requirements you may need to fulfill.

How to Register for Classes

Credit Hours and GPA

Your academic achievement is measured in credit hours. Each course you take has a credit hour value. Most classes are 3 credit hours, but they usually range from 1-4 credit hours. For example, an ENGL-101 class will be 3 credit hours, but a BIOL-101 class will be 4 credit hours because of the lab work that is included in the course.

Credit Hour Requirements

Full-time student status: Enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours

LIFE Scholarship eligibility: Complete 30 credit hours per academic year (15 per semester)

SC Tuition Grant eligibility: Complete 24 credit hours per academic year (12 per semester)

Associate degree: Completed 60 credit hours

Athletic eligibility: Enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours

GPA Requirements

LIFE Scholarship eligibility: Earned 3.0 GPA by end of the academic year

SC Tuition Grant eligibility: Earned 2.5 GPA by end of the academic year

Associate Degree: Earned minimum 2.0 GPA

Athletic eligibility: Please contact the Athletic Director

Your PAC Questions Answered

Contact the Pioneer Advising Center (PAC)

Contact Dalynn Hare, Director of Academic Advising, at or (864) 587-4102.

Dalynn Hare

Dalynn Hare
Director of Academic Advising

Lauren Francis

Lauren Francis
Academic Advisor

Brandon Lyles

Brandon Lyles
Academic Advisor

Ali Stones

Ali Stones
Academic Advisor

Brandon Lyles

Tiona Thompson
Academic Advisor