Disability Services

Disability Services

Spartanburg Methodist College will make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities that affect academic performance.

How to request disability services:

Requests for accommodations must be submitted in writing to at least six weeks prior to the semester in which the student begins classes. Submit requests to:

Gina Parris
Disability Counselor
Spartanburg Methodist College
1000 Powell Mill Road
Spartanburg, SC 29301

If you have questions prior to submitting information, you are welcome to contact Gina at (864) 587-4272 or parrisg@smcsc.edu.

No accommodations are made without the appropriate documentation. Typically, such documentation includes the following:

For learning disabled students:

  • An evaluation of the student’s specific learning disability which has been completed within three (3) years of the date on the admissions application by a licensed psychologist or certified school psychologist.

For physically disabled students:

  • A medical evaluation by a licensed physician of the student’s physical disability completed within three (3) years of the date on the admissions application.
  • Since the needs of each student are different, the accommodations for each student must be especially selected for that student. Among the typical accommodations accorded SMC students are the use of note takers, taping of lectures, tutoring services, oral testing, and extended testing time.


  1. Accommodations granted in high school or by another college do not automatically follow students to Spartanburg Methodist College.
  2. Students must make formal written requests for accommodations and provide the appropriate documentation as outlined above.
Gina Parris


Gina Parris
Walker Building, Office 109
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