Bike and Hike

Bike and Hike

Bike & Hike, Wine & Dine, or Even a Pioneer Cheer

Whichever You Choose Provides the Help Our Students Can Use

Bike & Hike

Since 1911, SMC has provided quality education to students from all “walks” of life, and it’s been an amazing “ride.” So, we’re challenging all our Pioneer family to show their pride and either bike or hike (or both) 19.11 miles during the month of April to support the students who need a lift today. It’s also a great way to get your family out for some fun and adventure.

Sign up today to show your support. Bike or hike your 19.11 miles, share photos of your journey on SMC's alumni Facebook page, and help a student on their journey. For a $25 entry fee, all participants will receive a Bike & Hike T-shirt.

Wine & Dine

OK, maybe all that physical exertion is not your thing. How about having a nice relaxing dinner and raising a toast to your Pioneer family? Schedule a special night out at your favorite restaurant or have a nice dinner at home with your special someone to show your support.

For those who prefer to raise a fork rather than their heart rate, post your photos to SMC's alumni Facebook page and sign up with your $50 donation to get a Wine & Dine T-shirt.

Pioneer Cheer

All right, if exercise and cuisine don’t interest you, then how about a shout-out to the students cramming for finals this semester? The Pioneer Cheer is a great way to raise your voice and say, “You got this!”  Whether you are (virtually) cheering on students as they cram for exams or (virtually) cheering on alumni & friends as they bike & hike you are still making a positive impact.

If you want to put your pom-poms in action, just register and make a $100 donation to SMC during the month and you’ll get a Pioneer Cheer T-shirt.

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