Exposure to COVID-19

Exposure to COVID-19


As Pioneers Together, we're all working to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus so we can stay healthy and keep SMC open.

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or think you have been exposed, taking the right steps can stop an outbreak on campus and keep others from getting sick.

What to do


  1. Evaluate your level of exposure.  Have you had close contact with a person who has a confirmed positive COVID-19 test? Close contact is being within or less than six of someone with the virus for 15 minutes or longer.
  2. If YES, follow these steps:
    1. Stay in your Residence Hall room (or home). Do not go anywhere else on campus. Stay there until you are instructed by SMC staff with next steps. You may be instructed to return home for quarantine.
    2.  Indicate in the HealthChampion app that you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Do this by completing the "Students COVID-19 Pathway" and mark "Yes" when asked about being in contact with someone who has test positive for COVID-19.
    3. An SMC staff member will contact you with next steps.

3. If NO, then you may not have been exposed for long enough to be at risk. Continue to follow SMC's 5 Simple Rules and watch for COVID-19 symptoms.

IF YOU'VE BEEN EXPOSED TO SOMEONE WITH COVID-19 SYMPTOMS WHO DOES NOT HAVE A CONFIRMED POSITIVE TEST (Symptoms may include fever, coughing, difficulty breathing, new loss of taste or smell and others listed here.)

  1. Continue to follow SMC's 5 Simple Rules. You may continue to practice normal activities while taking these preventative measures.
  2. Watch yourself carefully for COVID-19 symptoms.
  3.  Avoid close contact with a person who is at high risk of becoming severely ill with COVID-19.