SMC and Generation USA Offer Free Skills Training Program for IT Help Desk Jobs

SMC and Generation USA Offer Free Skills Training Program for IT Help Desk Jobs

Spartanburg Methodist College has partnered with Generation USA to offer their free, online IT help desk technician training program. This opportunity will provide those impacted by the economic downturn and anyone looking for a new career the skills and certification to pursue a career in technology.

The Generation USA program is part of Verizon’s $44 million Citizen Verizon program to prepare 500,000 individuals for jobs of the future by 2030. Generation has developed programs to teach participants the skills and certification they need to move into a technology career. They join forces with existing institutions such as SMC to host their programs.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Generation USA,” said Scott Cochran, president of SMC. “This program will provide participants with the opportunity to expand their skill set and find new employment opportunities in this challenging time, which fits with our mission of providing the best possible education to prepare students for academic and career success.”

The free, 12-week online program is open to all participants and will teach the technical knowledge of software and hardware they would need to serve as IT help desk technicians. Those completing the course will graduate with their CompTIA A+ certification. The program also aims to prepare its graduates with the soft skills needed to successfully transition to a new career, including mentoring and support services for those needing assistance with access, transportation, and more.

“We’re excited to partner with Spartanburg Methodist College to help bring this program to individuals and empower students to create their own pathways for career success,” said Sean Segal, Generation USA CEO. “We’re not only providing students with the skills to be prepared for jobs in the digital world, but we’re also equipping them with mentorship and social support services, while amassing a network of companies to help place graduates.”

This partnership is a natural fit with SMC’s history and vision for the future. Throughout its 109-year history, the College has followed its original mission to provide educational opportunities to those who might not otherwise have the chance and to better prepare its students to be a productive part of the workforce.

Generation developed their technology training program with the same principles in mind, providing opportunities for those who may not otherwise have access to such training. In addition to the IT help desk technician program through SMC, Generation has also developed programs in other high-demand technology sectors including, junior cloud practitioner, junior web developer, and digital marketing analyst.

The SMC, Generation USA IT help desk technician program is open to anyone interested in expanding their skill set in the technology sector. Those interested in applying can get more information or apply by visiting this link.

Applications for the next course will be accepted through December 11.


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