SMC Students Pledge to Uphold Honor  

On Sunday morning, August 18th at 10 a.m. Spartanburg Methodist College students will gather together in the Camak Auditorium for an inspirational message from their President.   Dr. Colleen Perry Keith will outline the basic expectations regarding social and academic behavior for faculty, staff and students.  These expectations are founded on a firm understanding of the importance of truthfulness; academic and person integrity, intellectual honesty, respect for the education process and respect for the individual.

Spartanburg Methodist College, as an institution of higher education related to the United Methodist Church, strives to maintain an atmosphere of living and learning based on faith and responsibility in a Christian community.  The college’s Honor Code governs life on the campus and within the College community.  It is a vital element that encourages appropriate behavior and conduct and discourages cheating, plagiarizing, lying and other inappropriate academic behaviors.

Following Dr. Keith’s message, each student will publicly sign and pledge to faithfully uphold the principles of the Honor System, cherish and guard its traditions and respect and observe its requirements.  According to Ron Laffitte, Dean of Students, “the signed Honor Code will hang in the Burgess Student Center and will signify the student body’s mutual trust and resolve to the principles they have agreed to adhere to for the coming academic year.”