Student Life

Involvement with Purpose

As a parent of a SMC student, you can be assured that your daughter or son will benefit from a full college experience built around them. They will live on our 110- acre campus tailored to their interests and activities. Your daughter or son will walk to classes with other students from around the world and they’ll study with scholars who are destined to become lifelong friends. It’s an exciting time for them and you!

Community with Access

There are no juniors or seniors here, so freshmen and sophomores move to the front of the line. This provides your daughter or son with some important opportunities to craft their abilities, conquer new challenges and build their academic resume in ways that simply may not be available to them during their first two years at other colleges and universities.

Individual Attention

Since we focus directly on two years of education, naturally, we do a great job of academically preparing students to move on to their junior and senior years of college. Classes are small and individual student attention from our faculty is genuine and caring. Your daughter’s or son’s success is our success, so you can rest assured that help is as near as the classroom in which you attend classes.

Deliberately Limited Enrollment

Your daughter or son will not have to compete with juniors and seniors for faculty time or leadership opportunities from intercollegiate athletics to student government. Our typical class size is around eighteen students, compared to the large and impersonal freshman and sophomore classes you’ll find at many universities. At SMC, your daughter or son will be known by your name, not by a student ID number.

Everything Transfers, As Long As You Do Your Part

SMC has an extraordinarily high acceptance rate of graduates at major universities. Our associate degree programs are so strong that more than 90% of our graduates continue their education at some of the nation’s finest universities and colleges. Our liberal arts curriculum and structured articulation agreements ensure a smooth transfer of credits.

The Time of Their Life

The next few years will undoubtedly be some of the most exciting and challenging in your daughter or son’s life. College is a time for them to explore new horizons and set a course for the future. We’ll do all we can to see that they succeed. We understand this truly their time, and we’ll help them to make the most of it socially and educationally.

Turn Two Years Into a Lifetime of Leadership

With a liberal arts degree, your daughter or son can consider a variety of career opportunities and employment positions instead of studying a specific skill, which could limit their career options. Our academic environment supports discussion, critical thinking in all areas of study and, most importantly, across disciplines. We teach students to learn, to communicate, and to be problem solvers.

Faith with Dimension

Maybe your daughter or son knows exactly where they stand. Maybe they have more questions than answers. Either way, they’ll fit right in at SMC. Faith and religion are explored and practiced openly here. Our affiliation with the United Methodist Church provides a foundation for important principles like honesty, integrity and service to others, within a tradition of inclusion. The campus also promotes numerous activities and opportunities to allow students of all religious viewpoints to express their beliefs together.

Service To Others

We believe that civic responsibility and service to others is a cornerstone of a liberal arts education. SMC students are equipped not only with the skills to do well in professional careers, but also to contribute positively to the communities in which they live. SMC doesn’t just encourage leadership – we expect it.