The use of a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege available to all students and employees. The College reserves the right to suspend the privilege if it believes such action is justified.

All vehicles must be registered with the Campus Safety Office. Parking or operating a vehicle on campus without a valid hangtag may result in a citation. The campus-wide speed limit is 15 mph. Students should park only in marked spaces that are not designated for faculty, handicapped, or specifically marked as parking. Parking and traffic regulations are described in the online version of the Student Handbook. To register your vehicle, click on the link and complete the online form.  Hang tags will be handed out in housing packets for residential students and during the first week of school for commuting students.

Excessively loud and/or vulgar music coming from your car will not be tolerated. The discretion of the investigating officer will determine what is excessive, and reasonable standards will be applied. However, as a matter of common courtesy, music should only be played loud enough for your personal enjoyment without infringing upon the rights of others.