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Do not create a new announcement or event. Email the change to Jeremy Handel at

About SMC Today

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WHAT: SMC Today is a campus-wide daily email sent to all students. A separate version is sent to faculty and staff.

WHEN: SMC Today runs each week day during the academic year. It publishes each day at 10:00 a.m.

Deadline8:30 a.m. You may submit an announcement up until this time to have it included in that day's publication.

WHO: All students, faculty and staff can submit announcements or events to run in SMC Today. Outside community members cannot submit announcements to SMC, but they can ask an SMC employee or student to "sponsor" an announcement or event of interest to the campus community.

WHY: SMC Today was created to be an at-a-glance update of all that's happening at the college. It reduces email clutter and keeps information in one easy-to-find place. That's the intention, anyway. If it's not working or you have suggestions to improve it, get in touch. Email Jeremy Handel at


1. You may submit an announcement of interest to students, faculty or staff.

2. You can add a document to your announcement. You will need to instruct readers to "click on this announcement to download a (flyer, application, etc.)." The attachment will be available to download on the SMC website.

3. Announcements may be submitted any time before 8:30 am on the day you would like them to run (even same day). Or, you may schedule an announcement to run at a later date.

4. Helpful tips:

  • Make sure to schedule a start and end date for your announcement so that your announcement is current. To schedule an announcement to run for ONE DAY, set the expiration day for the date AFTER the day on which you wish your announcement to run.
  • Here's how to effectively schedule your announcements: Announcements scheduled to run longer than three consecutive days will be set to expire after the third day, regardless of your request to schedule longer. The reason is because your announcement will quickly become "stale" and no longer "seen" by readers when it runs too frequently. We also need to keep the number of announcements to a minimum so that readers aren't fatigued by an overly-long SMC Today.
    • Schedule your announcements to run at various intervals throughout your announcement period by staggering them:
      • Several weeks before your deadline or event: schedule an announcement so that people may add it to their calendars or plan accordingly.
      • Each week before your event or deadline: schedule one reminder each week.
      • The day before your event or deadline: schedule a reminder.
      • The day of your event: schedule a reminder.
  • To schedule the same announcement to run for non-consecutive days, submit the first announcement. After you've submitted it, press the "back" button on your browser to return to the original announcement form. Change the dates or any text, then submit again.
  • Check your junk file if you do not receive a confirmation email for your announcement submission(s) in your email inbox.

5. Please note: SMC Today is completely automated. Review your announcement carefully to ensure it is correct. Announcement deletions/changes may be requested by contacting Jeremy Handel before the date your announcement is scheduled to run, but are not guaranteed.


Important: submitting an event to the calendar/SMC Today does not reserve a room or event space. 

1. Events for SMC Today are automatically pulled from the college's Events Calendar, so only SMC-related event submissions will be approved. If you want to let the SMC community know about a non SMC-related event, submit an announcement with details about that event.

2. Please be sure you have complete details before submitting an event. Events with "TBD" or no location/details will not be approved.

3. Use the "Add an Event" box on the Events Calendar to add your Event to SMC Today. Or, click the button below to go directly to the Events Calendar.

4. When submitting an event to the college's calendar, please observe the following guidelines to ensure your event announcement is complete in SMC Today:

- If an event has a start time, include an end time (it doesn't have to be exact). If you do not include an end time in your submission, one will be automatically added.

- If an event does not have a definite start time but will last the whole day, please check the "All day" box.

- Do not put bolded text in the event description.

- If the event is not open to the public, but is internal to SMC, do not add an address or map. Just fill out the venue name (e.g. building name, room number).

  • To schedule the same event to run for non-consecutive days, submit the first event. After you've submitted it, submit the event again for the consecutive day. 
  • Check your junk file if you do not receive a confirmation email for your event submission(s) in your email inbox.