Board of Trustees

Spartanburg Methodist College is led by a Board of Trustees comprised of 24 members, with five clergy members and 19 laity. Terms are staggered on a three-year basis.

Current Board of Trustees members are:

  • Andrew Babb, SMC Class of 1988
  • Phillip Buchheit
  • Carol Burdette
  • Darrell Campbell
  • Phinnize J. Fisher
  • Jerry L. Gadsden
  • Catherine Gramling
  • Marianna Habisreutinger
  • Pat Henry, SMC Class of 1964
  • D. Mitchell Houston, SMC Class of 1973
  • Derrick Huggins
  • Ray Lattimore, SMC Class of 1980
  • Frank Lee
  • Kathleen McKinney
  • Evelyn Middleton
  • John Moore
  • Marilyn Murphy
  • Darryl Owings
  • John Ramsey
  • W. Guy Spriggs
  • Mary V. Teasley
  • James F. Thompson
  • William Wilson, SMC Class of 1978
  • Carl Gibson, SMC Class of 2014


W. Scott Cochran, Eighth President of the College

President’s Cabinet

Cabinet members serve at the pleasure of the President.

Cabinet members are:

  • Dr. Anita K. Bowles, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Development
  • Jennifer A. Dillenger, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Eric McDonald, Executive Vice President for Business Affairs
  • Courtney B. Shelton, Vice President for Professional Development and Design
  • S. Wells Shepard, Vice President for Enrollment
  • The Rev. Dr. Candice Sloan, Chaplain and Director of Church Relations
  • Tim Wallace, Athletic Director and Head Baseball Coach
  • Lisa Mincey Ware, Vice President for Marketing