Full Tuition Scholarship Package

Full Tuition Scholarship Package


Got a 3.0 or greater high school or college GPA? Your tuition is covered at SMC.

Since 1911, we've been committed to providing an affordable, high quality education to hard-working students. As college costs rise, SMC remains committed to that goal.

HOW IT WORKS: The Scholarship is available for first-time college students and students transferring to SMC from another college.

We combine your South Carolina LIFE Scholarship and South Carolina Tuition Grant, plus any additional federal- or state-funded grants/scholarships you receive, then make up the difference with SMC funds.


2021-2022 Costs with Full Tuition Scholarship*

Tuition: $15,750 (no tuition costs for LIFE Scholars)
Room & Board: $9,900 (for students who wish to live on campus)
Fees: $2,080 (for resident or non-resident students)
Total: $11,980

*SMC has not raised tuition in six years, but Room & Board and other fees are subject to change.

How to receive the Full Tuition Scholarship

ALL SMC students who meet the above criteria will receive the Full Tuition Scholarship automatically, regardless of family income level.

It's important to understand: the Full Tuition Scholarship does not cover room and board - there are still costs associated with attending SMC.

  • If you plan to live on campus, you will pay room/board and fees.
  • If you plan to live off campus, you will pay fees.

SMC's Full Tuition Scholarship covers the total cost of your tuition ($15,750). The Full Tuition Scholarship uses your LIFE Scholarship dollars, plus grants and funds SMC awards you, to cover tuition only. The remaining costs (Room/Board/Fees if you choose to live on campus or Fees if you choose to live off-campus) must be paid by you or your family.

The majority of SMC students use additional federal and state loans/grants or personal loans to cover the remaining costs to attend.
You or your family's annual income (based on providing tax returns when you apply for financial aid) determines how much "free money" (federal or state aid that doesn't have to be paid back) you may qualify for. You may also take out loans to pay a portion of your SMC costs. That money will have to be paid back, typically beginning about six months after you graduate. You or your family may also directly pay all or a portion of your costs. SMC also offers payment plans to help you spread the cost over several months.