The Pioneer Pinnacle

The Pioneer Pinnacle

The Pioneer Pinnacle

Every year, Spartanburg Methodist College students engage their curiosity in the pursuit of knowledge. Inspired by dedicated professors, students share their original research and demonstrate their intellectual skills in high-quality research papers or projects submitted at the end of a course. The research produced through Spartanburg Methodist College classes is inspiring, and the Pioneer Pinnacle offers us a way to recognize the many facets of academic excellence that characterize the work we do here.

The Pioneer Pinnacle is a brand-new interdisciplinary journal that showcases a select set of high-quality research papers authored by students at Spartanburg Methodist College. We also invite research projects that are not the typical research paper completed for a class.

We are looking for papers from any discipline at Spartanburg Methodist College. This includes Science, Business, Religion, History, Psychology, English, Criminal Justice, or the Fine Arts.

As a student at Spartanburg Methodist College, you are invited to submit your own research paper for possible publication in the Pioneer Pinnacle.

If chosen, you will have your work published in the Pioneer Pinnacle, which is published on the college's website. You will also have the honor of listing a publication on your resume, and you will be recognized at a reception when we launch the journal.


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What happens next?

Submissions are collected each semester and then reviewed by a small group of faculty and staff. Students will be notified by email of the status of their submissions no later than April 1st in the spring semester and October 15th in the fall semester. The Pioneer Pinnacle will be published biannually, once in the spring and once in the fall.

Students retain all rights to their own work. All work will be edited by the Pioneer Pinnacle prior to publication.

Pioneer Pinnacle Cover Art Contest

If you are a Spartanburg Methodist College student and would like to have your artwork considered for publication on the cover of the Pioneer Pinnacle, please consider sending us a jpeg of your work below. All submissions will be considered, and the winner will be notified by email no later than April 1st or October 15th in advance of the publication of the newest edition of the Pioneer Pinnacle.

This should be your own, original artwork. Do not photograph someone else’s artwork, such as in graffiti, a book cover, a painting, and so on. Please only photograph your own artwork.

Submit Your Artwork Here

Contact information

If you have any questions, please reach out!

Kristen Welch, Professor of English,

Stacey Todd, Professor of Business,