Financial Aid

Financial Aid


All students and families, regardless of income, should apply for financial aid.

Financial aid is money from federal, state, college and private sources that can help you pay for SMC.

Grants, scholarships, work-study funds, low-interest federal loans and even private loans are all available.

If you only read one thing on this page, read this:

Too many students and families assume college isn’t affordable. If you apply for financial aid, you will pay, in many cases, much less than a college’s advertised cost. 

The best way to find out your true cost of college is to apply for financial aid. Otherwise, you may be throwing away money that could make your college dreams come true.


There is a lot of information on this website. You may find some of it confusing – you’re not alone. Don’t give up: we’re here to help you make sense of financial aid. 

We suggest you read the following pages in the order listed:

  1. Cost to Attend SMC (Our “advertised” price)
  2. Five Steps to Financial Aid (How to pay less than our “advertised” price)
  3. Financial Aid Timeline  (What to do when)
  4. Grants and Scholarships (“Free money” for SMC and how to get it.)
  5. Work-Study (Get paid for part-time work on campus)
  6. Loans for Students and Parents 
  7. Financial Aid Resources (calculators, tools, and links)
  8. Get Financial Aid Help

Get in touch with our Financial Aid Office

Our Financial Aid counselors are here to help.

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