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Residence Life

comfortable campus living

The Department of Residence Life is committed to promoting educational communities to engage you in learning, leadership and personal development by providing a comfortable and safe living environment that is conducive to academic success. Remember, a dorm is a place to sleep…a residence hall is a living and learning environment!


A $100 deposit and a housing application must be received by August 1st.

Room assignments are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. The earlier you pay your deposit, the better chance you have at getting the Hall/Room assignment you want.

Questions? Talk to your admissions counselor or contact the Housing Office (

You’ll be notified by mail of your housing assignment during June through August.

Got a question? Contact us at

Residence Life sponsors “Room Thaw” approximately two weeks into the semester.

Students can request the room change through the Residence Hall Directors or through the Housing Office. Room changes cannot be made during the summer.

Most likely. SMC requires all students to live on-campus (unless otherwise approved by the Dean of Students); therefore, due to the limited space, private rooms are not readily available.
Absolutely! You may request a roommate on the housing application or by emailing the Housing Office (
Roommates are matched according to information filled out on the housing application.
Yes. Each room is equipped with a:

  • bed
  • desk
  • chair
  • dresser
  • closet.

No furniture may be added or removed from the room without permission from the Director of Residence Life.

Sofas, chairs, and other upholstered items are not permitted in the residence halls.

All of the mattresses in Hammond, Judd, Kingman, Parsons, and Willard Halls are 39×80.

The mattresses in Bridges and Sparrow Halls are 36×76.

Mattress pads are provided.

No. SMC does not authorize the use of any lofts.
You may bring:

  • A coffee pot with automatic shut-off
  • A refrigerator that is 4.0 cubic feet or smaller
  • A microwave that is .7 cubic feet or smaller.

Don’t want to buy a refrigerator/freezer/microwave oven for your room? RENT ONE!


SMC endorses the use of the Energy Star rated MicroFridge unit. Through our partnership with Standards for Living, students can rent this combination refrigerator, freezer and microwave oven unit to be delivered prior to your arrival in August.

Visit the Standards For Living website by August 1 for ordering information.

Of course! We recommend using adhesive strips or putty to secure the decorations.

Nailing or drilling will result in damage charges.

Each residence hall room is equipped with fiber-optic connections as well as wireless connections for computer access to the campus network and Internet. Students also have free access to our Charter services.

SMC Charter Lineup 2015_16

Programming Your TV for the SMC Cable Network

Our phone service runs through our internet and requires a specialized digital phone.

Students have the option to rent a phone from our IT department. Please contact our IT department for more information.

No. Students may come and go as they please; just be respectful to the other students when entering or exiting the building.
Yes. Students are permitted to have visitors as long as they follow the proper procedures for signing the visitors in during the approved hours.

visitors must be at least 17 years of age.

Bridges, Hammond, Judd, Kingman, Parsons, and Sparrow Halls are controlled by a computerized card access system; therefore the buildings remain locked at all times. Access is gained using the student’s ID card and a personal identification number.

Willard Hall is secured with key pad locks on each exterior door. Access is gained using a pin number issued to each Willard resident.

Students are not permitted to add additional locks to their doors.

Emergency call boxes are located in each parking lot, and Campus Safety is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information, please contact Campus Safety (864-587-4003).

A student’s meal plan is included in the cost of living on campus. This allows students 19 meals per week in any of our three food service venues: the SMC Dining Hall, SubConnection, or Judd Cellar Coffee Shop.
Housing and Residence Life will contact all new and returning students regarding move-in days and times. Check your email or mailbox for details.

Got a question? Contact us at

Students living in Hammond, Judd, and Willard Halls will have a housekeeping staff member clean the bathrooms; however, we do ask that the students be courteous and clean up after themselves.

Students living in Bridges, Kingman, Parsons, and Sparrow Halls will be responsible for their own bathrooms since they are in a suite-style residence hall.

Toilet paper is provided in Judd, Willard, and Hammond Halls only.

Each residence hall is equipped with at least one laundry room. Use of the washers and dryers is free to all residential students.
No. Spartanburg Methodist College is unable to provide storage to students, however local self-storage is available.

Got Questions?

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