We are intentional about your success.

Announcing SMC’s new four-year degree program.

SMC’s Bachelor’s Degree with Concentrations in Business, English, History and Religion is enrolling for 2020!  Our unique degree includes a core of career development courses to prepare you to be successful in the workplace and gain a competitive advantage when searching for your first job or internship. SMC will continue to offer Associate Degrees. We believe in their value for students – regardless of your education or career plans.

At SMC, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach

Choose the degree path that works for YOU.

Start with a two-year degree that’s affordable and achievable, and get the kind of academic support that only SMC can provide while you discover your career path. Then go right into the workforce if you need to earn an income, or stay and complete your four-year degree at SMC.

(Note: The current course catalog does not include information about our Bachelor’s Degree with Concentrations in Business, English, History and Religion. The new catalog is coming soon.)



Classes in these and other disciplines will expose you to a variety of career options. SMC’s focus on career preparation will give you the tools and experiences you need to be workplace-ready, now and in the future.

The following academic areas are available as a concentration in SMC's four-year degree: Business, English, History and Religion.

Degree paths for career success.

2-Year Degree

versatile and valuable

Save time and money by taking your general education requirements here. You’ll be prepared to major in almost any field after leaving SMC. With an Associate Degree, you may even qualify for better part-time jobs/internships while completing a Bachelor’s degree here or at another college.

4-Year Degree


SMC’s new Bachelor’s Degree with Concentrations in Business, English, History and Religion lets you combine your interests into a unique degree. The Camak Core, an innovative professional development requirement, gives you the practical experience you need to be successful in the modern workplace.

Our students achieve great heights and we help them get there.

At SMC, you’ll never go it alone. Truly successful people know how to ask for help when they need it, and we make it easy to get the help you need to reach your academic goals. From our FREE tutoring program, to transfer assistance to a writing lab staffed by English professors, our goal is your success.


Liberal Arts


SMC is a liberal arts college. This means that, like most American colleges, you’ll spend your first two years taking a wide variety of courses to expose you to many different subjects. This approach benefits students who already know what they plan to major in as well as students who haven’t made a decision about a college major or career path.