SMC Academics

SMC is a liberal arts College, giving your daughter or son the opportunity to try a variety of course studies before they decide which one is right for them. All along the way, your daughter or son will interact with their personal academic advisor to ensure the classes they take will transfer directly into the major they choose at the four-year college or university of your choice. We have a vested interest in your daughter or son’s success – because when they succeed, we succeed.

One course that has proven especially successful is The Freshman Year Experience. It could be called College 101 because the course focuses on all aspects of college life. All SMC freshmen participate in this interdisciplinary series of seminars and campus-wide academic, social and cultural events. These seminars and campus wide events will help your daughter or son adjust to the college environment and the cultural excursions will expand your horizons and enrich your college experience. Small group meetings are held periodically with group leaders throughout the semester with topics that include time management, study skills, personal problem solving and critical thinking skills. The entire course is designed to advance your daughter or son’s knowledge of the world in which we live.

SMC ProfessorsOur professors will be present in the classroom- they do not delegate their teaching duties to graduate assistants. You can rest assured the instructors listed in the catalog will actually be teaching courses. These professionals share their knowledge in an invigorating and non-threatening atmosphere. Classrooms come alive with the voices of students of various educational and cultural backgrounds discussing diverse course topics and events of the day.

Because each full-time faculty member is also an academic advisor, every professor your daughter or son will encounter can discuss their course in relation to their major and keeping you on track for graduation. If they ever need help with their studies, the College provides free tutoring and computer-assisted instruction in our Learning Center.

Our university-paralleled liberal arts curriculum is designed for easy transfer to four-year institutions. In fact, each year over 90% of our graduates transfer to continue their pursuit of a baccalaureate degree.

Your child’s academic advisor, along with the SMC Counseling Center, will work with your son or daughter to identify the best college or university to meet their academic needs for their junior and senior years if they desire this guidance. The SMC Counseling Center Staff is at their service and will work closely with your son or daughter as they decide their future.

Since many college students are undecided about their major and career goals, Spartanburg Methodist College is the perfect college choice for your son or daughter, because it provides two additional years to narrow their focus in regard to declaring an educational major. SMC allows them unlimited access to personal counseling and computer software programs, specifically designed to help them further research all educational majors and career choices or simply to confirm their goals and aspirations.