APEX 2021

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Spring 2021

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What is a Capstone Expo?
Capstone is one of the last classes a student will take in the SMC Bachelor's Degree program. It’s called a capstone because it represents a crowning achievement, as a capstone does in architecture. Each student's SMC Capstone project requires them to develop a project and subsequent presentation in a way that demonstrates the knowledge and skills they have gained through the Camak Core, SMC's innovative career development program. Camak Core courses, named for SMC's founder, add practical experiences and soft skills training into the Bachelor's degree program.

The APEX Capstone Expo at SMC is the grand finale to the students' capstone projects. Join us to see their final presentations and participate in Q&A. Network with the students and find out what they have to offer the workforce as they graduate!
Pandemic Changes
In a standard year, this would be a grand on-campus event where we could welcome local businesses and organizations to attend these presentations and network with our graduating class. Given the limitations of the pandemic, we are shifting to a virtual event this year. We’ve split the day into 6 one-hour sessions; each session will feature 4-5 students’ presentations and short Q&A after each one.
If you missed this year's event, check out the presentation videos below:
Session 1 - 8:30am
"Eat, Learn and Grow"
Mattison Church
Boiling Springs, SC
Healthy fruit and vegetable bags provided to SMC commuter students. Recipe cards are also provided, so students can enjoy a quick, easy and healthy snack!
"The Elite Minds Project"
Will Flint
Spartanburg, SC
The Elite Minds Project is a college prep course that covers material that this not usually covered by traditional college prep courses. The program is for a college student to share experiences, tips, tricks, etc. with rising college freshman. This is done while promoting higher education and Spartanburg Methodist College.
"Kennedy's Korner: Pen Pal Konnections"
Kennedy Howard
Greer, SC
Kennedy's Korner is an electronic pen pal program for special needs students. Middle School students are paired up with college students here at SMC. They communicate through email and meet in person at the end of the semester.
"Carolina Caffeine Cart"
Quinn Mann
Charleston, SC
The Carolina Caffeine Cart is a mobile coffee shop operating in the Upstate SC area. Our shop promotes local businesses while providing excellent coffee.
"Hope in a Can"
Josh Sprouse
Boiling Springs, SC
My project is directed towards collecting non-perishable donations and donating them to local churches to supply food for their food pantries.
Session 2 - 10:00am
"Za Knjiga o Bosnaska-Croat"
Andrea Jerkovic
Chesnee, SC
Writing a historical fiction novel set during the Bosnia-Herzegovina War to spread cultural diversity. Its purpose is to expand knowledge of Bosnian and Croatian history and culture through a creative and personal story.
"KR Construction Program"
Khalil Robinson
Spartanburg, SC
Address the lack of younger people in the construction field and talk about how it is affecting people. Provide participants with knowledge about the construction field and skills to perform general repairs.
"Beloved One: Young Daughters"
Nina Stone
Campobello, SC
I have launched a 7-week bible session, entitled Beloved One: Young Daughters for young girls from the ages of 12 years and older. The purpose of the 7-week bible session is to emphasize the true worth of girls by offering them 4 biblical women stories and providing them encouraging supplies.
Landon Wakefield
Moore, SC
PuriTea offer customers an alternative to coffee, while still allowing them to receive the same benefits. We have select teas that contain that same amount of caffeine as one cup of coffee. There are not only options for drinks containing caffeine, but there are also unique drinks with health benefits that can take the place as a social drink to sip on with friends.
Session 3 - 11:30am
"WestSide Time Capsule Magazine"
Piper Adan-Bedley
Greer, SC
This magazine seeks to highlight the communities of Una, Saxon, and Arcadia and their vibrant histories through telling the stories of four individuals through the 20th and 21st centuries.
"Rising Stars"
Abigail Simpson
Greenville, SC
Rising Stars is a low-cost tutoring program for middle students. This program prepares kids ready for higher education, teaching lessons such as time management and responsibility.
"Sweet Cases"
Rowan Sivers
Spartanburg, SC
With launching my new business, Cupcakes Etc., in February, I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate by giving back to kids in need. My goal is to be able to provide foster kids with brand-new suitcases.
"Spit Cakes"
Brady Wakefield
Moore, SC
Spit Cakes is a chimney cake topped with various ice cream flavors as well as fruit and dessert toppings. My project idea originated through a trip to Prague 3 years ago, where chimney cakes are extremely popular. I want to give Spartanburg a more unique dessert and restaurant experience where people can enjoy new and exciting foods.
Session 4 - 1:00pm
"You Are Not Alone"
Rebecca Edmondson
Inman, SC
My capstone project is focusing on mental health awareness by creating a website talking about common mental heath issues college students face, as well as common misconceptions about mental health, the importance of healthy coping mechanisms, self-care, and resources such as Instagram pages, websites, help lines, and outreach.
"The Ark Coffee Cart"
Alex McNeely
Spartanburg, SC
The construction and management of a mobile coffee cart. The purpose of the cart is the reach those who do not have access to quality espresso, either in the workplace or just in general.
"Steezy Saturdays"
James Painter
Inman, SC
This project's goal is to provide clothing to the homeless community of Spartanburg.
"Our Lives Matter"
Fasasha Simmons
Spartanburg, SC
To provide community service to victims of police brutality. Our Lives Matter will provide a positive outlook on law enforcement.
Session 5 - 2:30pm
"Life Skills"
Alex Alecxih
Fairfax, VA
Teaching everyday life skills to help ease tasks and build knowledge of simple problems and how to solve them. This will help spread information on how to accomplish these fast through peers.
"Cafe du Moore"
Noah Moore
Enoree, SC
A mobile beignet cart that can be set up at almost any location. Used to combat the lack of adult breakfast consumption in local Upstate SC.
"Crowns & Tiaras"
Keajha Sullivan
Spartanburg, SC
The Crowns & Tiaras program is all about lending a helping hand to young women in Spartanburg. This program serves as a guide to creating a lifelong sisterhood.
"Waste Management Initiative"
Steven Trench
Woodruff, SC
My project is a business i have created as a waste management consultant. I will be working with companies in the Spartanburg/Greenville area helping them to become zero waste.
Session 6 - 4:00pm
Kabri Gardner
Chester, SC
HomePrep is a program designed to help young adults find proper housing, via renting or purchasing. My program also assist with teaching how to budget. My project hopes to make a difference and make young adults aware of the housing market.
"Pioneer Society"
Clayton Hernandez
Simpsonville, SC
Create an organization that will give an opportunity for students to engage in social and service events. This organization will be comprised of groups within it to help students develop connections with others within their group on campus, as well as feel a sense of school pride.
"Spartanburg Votes"
Tyler Hudson
Chesnee, SC
Spartanburg Votes is a program designed to help people help themselves by providing them with the information necessary to carry out their most fundamental constitutional right: voting. The curriculum provided by Spartanburg Votes ensures people know how to get the information they need.
"Bilingual and Diversity Story Time"
Amanda Rosa Banchs
San Juan, Puerto Rico
A story time for Pre-K and Kindergarten students dedicated to representing diversity in literature and encouraging early language and literacy.
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