APEX 2022

The SMC Experience
Spring 2022

Both in-person and virtual events are available this year! Scroll down to sign up for your choice!

What is a Capstone Expo?
Capstone is one of the final classes a student will take in the SMC Bachelor's Degree program. It’s called a capstone because it represents a crowning achievement, as a capstone does in architecture. Students design, plan, and implement a capstone project throughout this semester-long course to apply the knowledge and skills they have gained through SMC's innovative Bachelor’s degree program.

This project-based learning experience culminates at the APEX Capstone Expo, the grand finale of the students' capstone projects. Join us to see their final presentations and participate in Q&A. Network with the students and find out what they have to offer the workforce as they graduate!
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When?   Thursday, April 14th from 3:00-4:30pm
Where?   Spartanburg Methodist Campus
What?   APEX Live is an in-person networking event where local employers and organizations are invited to SMC's campus to meet with our graduating Capstone seniors. Our students will present their projects in a high-top setup and network with you to show off their professional soft skills.

When?   Thursday, April 21st
Where?   Online
What?   APEX Virtual Events are a series of 6 one-hour virtual events with a webinar-style setup where 4 to 5 students will present their Capstone projects and then field live Q&A about their presentations. See below for the schedule of events and student projects by their time slots. You are welcome to sign up for as many of these events as your schedule allows via the links below:
Virtual Session 1 - April 21 @ 8:30am
Robert Godfrey headshot outside
"Pioneer Run Club"
Robert Godfrey
Columbia, South Carolina
The Pioneer Run Club is a club based around individualized running plans for all levels of runners. This individualized approach is rare due to the fact I am a current college athlete familiar with training from 200m-5000m allowing for training to be individualized at short and long distances.
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"Pioneer Protection Program"
Mattie Meiklejohn
Pratt, Kansas
The Pioneer Protection Program aims to provide everyone in the SMC community – students, faculty, and staff – the opportunity to learn self-defense knowledge and skills. The program will consist of both informational and hands-on sessions in order to offer what it aims to. At the end of the program, there will be an appreciation ceremony where everyone who participated each week will be recognized and also receive a campus-permitted safety item.
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Mattie Meiklejohn headshot outdoors
JaKerrion Teamer headshot outdoors
"My Equality Matters"
JaKerrion Teamer
Spartanburg, South Carolina
My project, My Equality Matters, is mainly focused on the subject of mental health. My goal for this project is to get others to feel comfortable within themselves and learn how they can control and focus more on their mental health because it is an important matter.
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"The Calm Room"
Megan Patton
Boiling Springs, South Carolina
The Calm Room helps to create a space on campus where students can relieve stress leading up to midterms, a time which can be especially straining on students' mental health. Stress-relieving activities will include watercolor painting, fidget toys, and journals.
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Megan Patton headshot outdoors
Virtual Session 2 - April 21 @ 10:00am
Hailey Breeding headshot outside
"Set Your Sights On SMC"
Hailey Breeding
Leicester, North Carolina
The goal of this project is to reach out to prospective students with SMC's enrollment team, asking high schoolers what they want to know about the college. This multi-phase process will create surveys to collect data, film videos for the students, send out the videos, and then get viewer opinions on the videos.
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"Wild For Love"
Denny Slusser
Spartanburg, South Carolina
The Wild for Love program based on the community coming to give good-natured statements of love. Stuffed animals from collection sites around Landrum, Inman, Boiling Springs, Greenville and Spartanburg are donated to foster families in the "P.S. I Love You" system.
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Denny Slusser headshot in Army uniform
Amelia White headshot outside
"Budget Beauty"
Amelia White
Simpsonville, South Carolina
Budget Beauty seeks to teach participants about using makeup and skincare, including an introduction to the products, how to find what works for each individual, and how to create different makeup looks.
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"Penny Pantry"
Kelsea Williams
Spartanburg, South Carolina
The purpose of Penny Pantry is to provide a resource to all students on campus who struggle to afford personal hygiene products, bring awareness to the importance of good hygiene, and allow students to donate products to help their fellow Pioneers.
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Kelsea Williams headshot outside
Virtual Session 3 - April 21 @ 11:30am
William Allen headshot indoors
"Cast Iron Camp Cooking"
William Allen
Greenville, South Carolina
Cast Iron Camp Cooking is a program that teaches all about the use of cast iron cookware, indoors and out. The program features a series of YouTube videos that demonstrate how to use and care for cast iron and showcases various recipes for cooking with fire and iron.
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"Caryn's Sign Language Program"
Caryn Hudson
Chester, South Carolina
Caryn's Sign Language Program is a program where I will teach the alphabet, numbers, and some basic words of American Sign Language (ASL). It is important for people to know ASL, so they can communicate with everyone. People do not know there are many schools in this country for deaf and hard-of-hearing (HOH) communities, and even many HOH individuals in our area.
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Caryn Hudson headshot outdoors
Matthew Painter headshot outdoors
"Pioneer Capstone Showcase"
Matthew Painter
Chesnee, South Carolina
A project that shows off the creativity of upper level seniors. You'll be able to interact and see the capstone students' creative ideas but also create new connections and friendships.
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"Zoe's Sweets N' Treats"
Zoe Worth
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Zoe's Sweets N' Treats aims to provide homemade baked goods to SMC students who might be homesick. These products will give the taste of home to SMC.
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Zoe Worth headshot outdoors
Harley Calvert headshot outdoors
"Harley's Nails"
Harley Calvert
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Harley's Nails is a prototype for a future nail business. I will be providing dip powder and gel polish nail services to anyone in the community.
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Virtual Session 4 - April 21 @ 1:00pm
Leah Crain headshot outdoors
"Hype Carolina"
Leah Crain
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Hype Carolina is a pop-up online shoe store created so that it is easier for people in our area to get limited edition sneakers and street wear.
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"Squeaky Sneaks"
Courtney Millbrooks
Charlotte, North Carolina
Squeaky Sneaks is an affordable and convenient shoe cleaning service. The purpose of this service is to share my passion for shoes with every person I encounter.
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Courtney Millbrooks headshot outdoors
Charlie Comer headshot outside
"Game On"
Charlie Comer
Spartanburg, South Carolina
My goal is to try and reduce student stress via video games. Donations are accepted from participants, but optional. Any donations go towards SMC's student funds.
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"Senior Swap"
Peyton Miller
Gilbert, South Carolina
The goal of Senior Swap is to hold an event on campus for students to come and talk with SMC Seniors and other special guests about what their next steps may be after college.
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Peyton Miller headshot outside
Virtual Session 5 - April 21 @ 2:30pm
Hannah Duffessy headshot outdoors
"Paws for Peace"
Hannah Duffessy
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Paws for Peace will work with the Spartanburg Humane Society to bring adoptable animals to SMC's campus to serve as therapy animals in stressful times. This program will also offer SMC students a class on general health information for taking care of their current and future pets.
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"Stirrup: The First Step to Horseback Riding"
Katheryn Eilders
Spartanburg, South Carolina
The Stirrup program aims to create a safe place for children to come and learn about the basics of horse care.
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Katheryn Eilders headshot outside
Joey Manzi headshot outdoors
"LEGO® for Kiddos"
Joey Manzi
Charleston, South Carolina
This project collects new and gently used LEGO® and toy brick sets to donate to children in the oncology unit of the hospital.
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"Project Homecoming"
Rodney Setzer
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Project Homecoming is a financial seminar directed at Upstate veterans. This program is comprised of a one-hour lecture and one-hour of personalized financial counseling to help veterans get on the right financial track after service.
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Rodney Setzer headshot outdoors
Virtual Session 6 - April 21 @ 4:00pm
Lexi Cobb headshot outdoors
"Lexi's Love Boxes"
Lexi Cobb
Blacksburg, South Carolina
Since I have always wanted to help out my community in some way, I am collecting donations of commonly needed items and filling up "Love Boxes" each week for children in need at the local Children's Home.
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"Estamos Aquí"
Candy Ortiz
Atlanta, Georgia
Estamos Aquí is a 4-week program with the ultimate goal of creating a haven to have Latinx students talk about what they struggle with such as FAFSA help, scholarship help, involvement on campus, stress and time management, and higher education barriers. This program was created to ensure Latinx students that ethnicity is not a barrier that prevents them from becoming successful.
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Candy Ortiz headshot outdoors
Selena Soto headshot image
"Oliver's Rabbit Rescuers"
Selena Soto
Chesnee, South Carolina
Oliver's Rabbit Rescuers is a program centered around rabbit adoption awareness, since they are not considered as potential pets as much as other animals. This includes bringing my own rabbit, Oliver, to campus and informing students on SMC campus about rabbits in hopes that they will choose to adopt one.
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"Rockin' Athletic Equipment"
Zach Tremblay
Pageland, South Carolina
Rockin' Athletic Equipment will begin as a fundraising campaign through the community, leading up to a benefit concert to raise money for young athletes, their equipment, and trip costs. All proceeds will go to sports teams at Jesse Bobo Elementary School here in Spartanburg.
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Zach Tremblay headshot outdoors
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