Students Success: Summer Interns

Students Success: Summer Interns

By Josh Golden, Marketing Intern

Tori Rose

Tori Rose, Study Break
“What I did was write articles about various topics in music, tv shows, and work with other interns to workshop other articles.” Tori went on to say the biggest lesson she learned was “to be kind to your own ability.” Finally, she believes that this internship will help her on her career path as she learned how to “write and research journalistic articles and how to format them for online readers.”

Amaya Duckett, Kinlaw and Cunningham
As a paralegal intern, Amaya executed administrative responsibilities such as scheduling appointments, drafting paperwork, and answering phone calls. “Everyone just wants a time to be heard,” she said. “As an attorney your job is to hear your client and be the bridge between their situation and the law.” Doing this internship helped Amaya realize that she wants to pursue a career in law as a Family Attorney. She has the vision that “she can make a difference in so many people’s lives.”

Jakerrion Teamer, Fierce Flames Dance Company
Jakerrion Teamer did his internship at a small local dance company and stepped into the role as Assistant Coach. In it he “expressed ideas and came up with choreography for the girls who are on the dance team for entertainment purposes.” When asked what was the biggest lesson learned, Jakerrion said “It is okay to be yourself and have fun.” Jakerrion said that the experience was an eye opener “for me to be prepared for what I want to do in the future.”

Oshauna Ferguson, Traditions Health Hospice
Oshauna was a volunteer and interacted with the people in hospice care. She learned during her internship that the resident “really remembers more than we think they would remember” and “to be patient with them and kind.” Oshauna said this experience will help her career path by understanding various types of elderly people who need assistance. She also said that the internship gave her “an understanding on what kind of person I’m dealing with during my career of being a criminal investigator.”

Megan Henderson, Relevnt
Megan Henderson did a remote internship where she created a podcast. “The podcast is about ‘Doctor Who,’ as I host a show biweekly going through the show episode by episode,” she explained. She gives credit to consistency as the biggest lesson. She also noted that “the more I stick to the schedule I created for myself, the more Relevnt app users would listen and participate in the discussion.” As Megan prepares for her career as a biblical counselor, she believes this experience teaches her to come out of her shell.

Thomas Clark, Grove Church
Thomas Clark had the opportunity to intern at the Grove Church.  During the internship he had a triple role as intern, greeter, and prayer team leader. The church community and a sense of belonging played a major role in the lesson that Thomas said he learned, which was “how to help people become a part of the church as well as grow spiritually within the church.” As he wants to be a pastor, Thomas believes that the opportunity to intern here was beneficial:  “This experience has prepared me for my career as a pastor by showing me how to efficiently and effectively run a church.”